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Promenade 3-3 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Kamakura ancient morality along the Chapter 3 Hino River

Remains and kiyomekishiji (joganji) trace around three Shimizu Bridge

Topographical record map
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Cave grave (map 1) with the compound expression depths room is approximately 200 meters from signal of Shimizu Bridge in 9-2, Hino Yamaguchi residential land which we left. As well as that, cave grave and "tower" of the Kamakura era exist in many places in these outskirts. In addition, "there is encampment in the days of the Kamakura reign that there is and is also known as the first Takayama in village or officer of textiles mansion (oribeyashiki) or Old encampment (kojinya) and does, and place should become south stand (mannomidai), western Sagami boundary" in clause of Imura of "forming anew Musashi" Kim, and there is with (map 2) and points to residential area in the hill of 9, Hino with this south stand, and this description with the Kamakura era is false with "Japan castle system" and assumes that there was chief administrator mansion of Gennan Hojo (original bill) who assumed Hino intellect line place for the age of civil strife.

Furthermore, we are seen (map 3), and eight guardian deities of children and kosaruto are informed by this whole area to the left hand when we go ahead through the crossroads of Shimizu Bridge to the Kamiooka area as there was temple called kiyomekishiji, and grave of former village headman Takanashi and several stone Buddhist statues keep old figure in the depths. Among eight guardian deities of children right here, outside two bodies were moved with "means to ward off evil guardian deity of children" to describe next (map 4) from fork in small tsubo. As for "the means to ward off evil guardian deity of children", it was done zoritsu to hold a service for fresh fish peddler killed on Kamakura way in the old days by bandit, but villager moved to three-way intersection of Ueno garden entrance with pedestrian traffic as traffic decreased after it was possible for new road (existing Kamakura Highway). Six times of totals move by gotakuzo and are placed lonelily now in temple at 8-16, Hino. There is story that we are an exercise when local volunteers want to let leave to the cause.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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