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Promenade 2-6 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Ask course of peak from Chapter 2 Hino way

Tree of chinquapin of Muikano

Topographical record map
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Excellent jizokosaruto of erection is enshrined under the stairs of shodoji in Rokujizo (map 3) and 1680 (Enpo 8) when we leave Hino Park graveyard toward Kamakura Highway. Even if we were where in six kinds of the worlds to come for the people (rikudo) (hell, kid, beast, Asura, human being, the best) with Rokujizo, it was carved as six other self to hold out helping hand.

There is narrow way curving to the left from here when we go to about 50 meters of Kamakura areas. Tree of big chinquapin gets into eyes when we go ahead several steps. With "tree called around 350 years in Hara's house years old of chinquapin of Hino" (map 4), was appointed to prefecture-designated tangible cultural property natural monument in 1955. But, for underground water level having fallen by development, mind weakens, and it is said that branch has been ranked as for odd number of former times. Brown hawk-owl flies to tree of this chinquapin every year in the beginning of May and, until around ten years ago, makes nest and we lay around three and bring up, and it is said that it flew away in around September. There was poaching to make environmental aggravation and stuffed animal, and figure and cry of brown hawk-owl have disappeared from the neighborhood whole area. It is Konan Ward accomplishing development by development every day, but wants to value nature that brown hawk-owl is flown in and tender quietness.

When we left original house and went ahead about 700 meters through Kamakura Highway to the Kamakura area again, there was cave grave for the Burial Mound age end period, but we were destroyed by construction of park once by cliff of the left hand. In addition, there is monument (map 5) of Sanno Corporation trace that cause Komyo-ji Temple managed in shrubbery in front of Kanagawa Nissan when we go ahead through the traffic light of Hinochuuo Park to the Kamakura area for 120 more meters.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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