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Promenade 2-5 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Ask course of peak from Chapter 2 Hino way

Five Hino Park graveyards

Topographical record map
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There is graveyard of Uchida in slightly elevated place of bamboo grass lower 5-28 when we go ahead about 200 meters from Tofuku-ji Temple to the west. Just before the stairs, there is kosarukyoyoto of 1740 (Genbun 5) erection that wrote the name of five people of Zoshiki (spread elephant) village continuously.

We hit Hino Park graveyard (map 1, 2) when we walk to the west through new residential area from here for about six minutes. This graveyard was opened in 1933, but there is not image so that graveyard lasts and is park cemetery literally. That is natural, and, using the topography of nature, use of land leaves graveyard in 30%, and this is because we do others with park, forest, road, and small consideration is done. Above all, peripheral road advancing from entrance of Sakuramichi side to starboard knows to Rokujizo (map 3) of shodojishita and is quiet ancient morality leaving feature in days of yore for well. View of Noba, the Konandai area opens out on the way and is good view.

It is Principal foundation such as the amount of Yokohama of institute of technology (existing Yokohama National University department of engineering) as education policy in Nakamura bunch Jiro (three wards), young men's principle of lethargy, indifference and irresponsibility (nothing marking, no reward and punishment without examination) that played a big role in Shirose first lieutenant (new three wards) known as the South Pole exploration, industry and government of Yokohama in graveyard and studies under State of smoke (we do not obtain learn) Tatsuji Suzuki (three wards) who went through education thought of "name religion nature", sublieutenancy Yasuo Ichishima (two wards) who "hear, and leaves "the last diary" for voice of Father Neptune", waguman of caricature, and deep many people of relation are sleeping in Yokohama including Tokujiro Oyama (three wards) of poet who wrote a song of five family name field (goseda) justice pines (one ward) that it was pioneer of foreign film in modern times, school song of Yokohama High School. Monument of Kiyohisa Kojima which was best disciple of Shusaku Chiba is built elsewhere. In addition, nature which there has become few is left for this park cemetery now by development, and there are many things watching such as wild birds flying about violet of several kinds which is pretty in spring, and blooms, heavy grass (Aeginetia indica) dwelling in root of Japanese pampas grass in autumn and desolate wintry forest.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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