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Promenade 2-4 of history

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Ask course of peak from Chapter 2 Hino way

Four Tofuku-ji Temple

Topographical record map
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We arrive in hospital Tofukuji at less than 200 meters from Sugimoto to the south in Mt. Sugimoto March. According to temple biography ridden on "forming anew Musashi", Buddhist priest called mamorimyohoin carried image of Yakushi that the Mt. Hiei-zan or r syllabary series group made on his back in 972 (Tenroku 3) and came over here. And we built temple of Tendai sect and claimed marvelous law of Buddha mountain first temple. Afterwards, hall burnt down because of thunderbolt, and villagers built small temple, and Yakushi image of principal idol enshrined as it was the weather so as to be exposed, and Buddhist priest called mitsuiwa came to look after Yakushido.

To charges of the sea dialect of pupil of mitsuiwa, Shinran came over to eastern country for propagation. The sea dialect became the pupil and changed temple to the Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism. And it is said that we did another name of the nobleman who erected a temple in hospital for this in March as Shinran stayed here for three months. In addition, Kitami Kamon who made power for revival of this temple lived in Sugimoto, but it is said that we were changed to cedar Toufukuji, Motoyama in spring of the place name and posthumous Buddhist name of the house by origin of House of light Tofuku-ji Temple deceased man's Buddhist name. When we were converted to the Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism, we build Yakushido on Kasamatsu mound, and principal idol Yakushi image enshrined there, but there is now in Tofuku-ji Temple.

There is oldest kosaruto (map 5) in corner of the quiet precincts in 1663 (Kanbun 3) and ward carved with. Only the three monkeys are chopped, and this kosaruto is thing with one characteristic of kosaruto where is in the first half of the Edo era. There is flower mound (map 5) which is rare on the right when we enter at the main gate of a Buddhist temple. "Flower snack people and others gathering prayer who dealt in which there was life was written down flower mound in thick saying it is built" and, in "flower dokoro" of Yokohama and the ground of said Konan, thanked spirit of flower arrangement and made.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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