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Promenade 2-3 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Ask course of peak from Chapter 2 Hino way

Zoshiki (we spread elephant) Sugimoto remains under three bamboo grass

Topographical record map
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When we turn Kanazawa way to the south and go ahead through Hino way and just what to be said for a while for way across upper bamboo grass lower bridge, there are depression blue (usso) and quiet uphill slope growing thick of grove. There is scripture mound mountain (kyozukayama) (map 1) on the right hand of place that we have finished climbing on the way across cyclic Route 2, and it is after, and there are rest-in-peace pagodas (map 2) of Kitami Kamon (thing) (we die in 1456) erected in grave, 1717 (Kyoho 2) of the sea dialect of Tofuku-ji Temple to visit. To "forming anew Musashi" when "Shinran stayed at Tofuku-ji Temple, get Buddha's ashes by oracle dream, and further dig image of Prince Shotoku 16 years old from soil, and it is said that gave the sea dialect of Tofuku-ji Temple. Afterwards, Kitami Kamon who was supporter of a Buddhist temple builds temple dedicated to Prince Shotoku on this scripture mound mountain in 1403 (Oei 10) and enshrines image of Crown Prince, and it is said that oblation did hall in Tofuku-ji Temple. Furthermore, ryoshukankyuhozenshushingen in 1533 (Tenbun 2) believes in this thick and writes, we assumed here local deity of village.

When we go down scripture mound mountain and go ahead through farm road entering the right immediately, remains of an ancient structure of fort thought to be "berm" slightly remain in plateau and point where it is on the left bank of bamboo grass Shimokawa, hill of Sugimoto. We write in "forming anew Musashi", "it is said that there was mansion of Kitami Kamon in place called Sugimoto, but there is not record and is not clear.". Zoshiki Sugimoto remains (map 3) on this earth were maintained as park, but, including Jomon ware piece, are collected the surface many earthenware vessels or stone axes such as Yayoi ware piece, unglazed earthenware (flip) piece of the ancient tomb period. When we make park, we do excavation, and report is given, too and can remember life of ancient people.

In addition, there is, and horse way of attack (precocious Sciaena albiflora) was corrupted, and the place name called Mase is informed around this west, bamboo grass lower 7 as it was dark side of bamboo grass Xiacheng.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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