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Promenade 2-1 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Ask course of peak from Chapter 2 Hino way

Cherry blossoms of one Konan

Topographical record map
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"Sakuramichi entrance" (map 1) and displayed signal are west 50 meters of Konan Ward synthesis government building earlier. It is Sakuramichi (map 2) of famous place Konan that slope from here is made by local people, and has been followed.

People of 15 farmhouses which entered party called fair of the Showa era in landowners equal to approach to a shrine in 1931 when it was sure that Hino Park graveyard was made talked and donated 1,200 meters and for 700 meters of roads equal to current Sakuramichi equal to Seki Hill (map 3) as park cemetery use. In 1933 when park cemetery was opened, people of young people's association of bamboo grass downtown area inoculated this way with 250 saplings of Yoshino cherry tree, but it went out for sapling to garden plant dokorono Saitama, but it is not forgotten that there was trouble including not having been available. These cherry blossoms were almost felled as fuel during World War II, too, and there was complaint by the issue of access to sunlight after the war, but it has been saved somehow by efforts such as local Showa fair or young people's association. However, it is said that only around 80 remain by exhaust gas of damage from disease and harmful insects and car now. In local Neighborhood Associations, we performed "Konan Sakura Festival" and acted so that it was got close to more people and used Sakuramichi and torii of the Sun-Goddess shrine which collapsed by the Great Kanto Earthquake at one corner of intersection of Seki Hill in 1978 and built monument of "cherry blossoms of Yokohama famous place, Konan" (map 4) and chopped column. Furthermore, we form "row of cherry blossom trees preservation society" in the next year and will protect cherry blossoms of Konan.

There is kosaruto (map 5) with signature of 1697 (Genroku 10) in corner lot before ryeness Haym when we go up Sakuramichi entrance around 150 meters. It is Amitabha image in rare thing that it is engraved into this kosaruto. In addition, "Matsumoto village character Nakamaru 1853 (Kaei 6)" and chopped travelers' guardian deity were enshrined in garden of house before the slant, and ancient morality to cross Sakuramichi had the old days, but this travelers' guardian deity has been moved by construction.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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