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Promenade 1-8 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Chapter 1 Kanazawa way and around forest, Sugita way

Eight bamboo grass Xiacheng traces and House of accomplishment

Topographical record map
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There is slope leaving for the House of accomplishment (map 3) when we cross bamboo grass Shimokawa with Magarida Bridge (magatabashi, map 2) from bus stop "in front of Kusaka Elementary School" of Kanazawa way (map 1) to the west. In this neighborhood, bushokankyuhozenshu*shun of Odawara Hojo is succession bamboo grass Xiacheng sign (map 4) that there was from charges of ancestors for the age of civil strife. There was thing which had been ever said to be "footpace place" (map 5) on this plateau, and there was "castle of final stage" on cut level ground (sakuheichi) for level Kuo.

It is clause of Matsumoto village for "forming anew Musashi" and "we are under the side, bamboo grass of kankyuhozenshujinoku ... Kanazawa way and we do and write down farm tonareri, 8tans in area (about 8,000 square meters) and the house in level ground now". And suburban residence of a daimyo is informed by the neighborhood of Yokodai Takeuchi's house (map 6) near Uchiyashiki, bottom park (we cannot ask for dumbness, too) as we met. In addition, dried foss-formed way to go up is from the House of accomplishment side to the south, but it is thought that the upper hill whole area played a role as main enclosure. Furthermore, minded as defense of outer fence in "Matsumoto-jo Castle" as stronghold to "Hitorizawa encampment" north to "forest encampment" of "Sugita encampment" screen ka ura south to the east for the Satomi forces of Boso as outer moat in bamboo grass Shimokawa and the left right hand river (we measure up), and the west knew distance Tamanawa-jo Castle.

In addition, "ex-Emperor accomplishment" called mountain Japanese apricot mountain, and, in the denomination, the Jodo Shin sect of Buddhism, the man himself removed and rebuilt Amitabha image, the main gate of a Buddhist temple in our hospital when they abolished encampment of said article Mamiya. At this door front of "fight imachin (shizu) marinu for mozu (shrike) soughing of the wind through pine-trees" (shorai) of poet Rinka Ono stone tablet of requiem is built. There is Mamiya's best grave who kills British officer in Kamakura in the back graveyard in 1864 (1,864), and was executed, and "maki (firewood) of one half of the body" for age of a tree 700 years of Yokohama-shi-designated fragrant wood of high quality Furuki tells the precincts about the oldness.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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