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Promenade 1-4 of history

Last update date July 13, 2018

Chapter 1 Kanazawa way and around forest, Sugita way

Four Okamoto Bridge and monument

Topographical record map
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There is signal, and Okamoto Bridge to appear (map 2) is seen to bamboo grass Shimokawa when we follow bamboo grass bottom, Kamariya road (Kanazawa way) (map 1) approximately 150 meters to the Sugita area from lower intersection of Seki when we turn right at there. Appointed Okamoto Bridge monument (map 3) is built on Yokohama-shi registration cultural assets area historic spot on the right side in 1993 when we cross bridge. It is the name that origin of the name of this Okamoto Bridge takes "book" of "Oka" and Matsumoto of Kamiooka, and was touched and is bridge binding these both districts together.

To monument "bamboo grass Shimomura of Kamakura roadside (map 4) and way between Ooka-mura were small, and there was slope, too, and place called Aoki stand (map 5) wound, and way was steep, and opened up mountain that konashirimmigieimon of Hino village invited people of neighborhood as was not able to walk if way was uneven if deimushiro (deinei) cleared intensely when we had rain once, and did not make a detour and did road straight, and built bridge again, but have got worse again than in front of Shuzo when rain rained steadily intensely as the ground was new. Therefore we raised justice loss of money (gienkin) and did repair work in 1888. Meaning that we leave the achievement forever and convey is written down.

In riverbank where this neighborhood whole area reeds (good) grew thick, that was said to be origin of the place name of Yoshiwara, but Kanazawa way and way of the Hino River right bank married by completion of Okamoto Bridge linearly, and traffic from Kamiooka to Hino, Kamakura became convenient in old days. Bridge of tree was built over the wide width of a river for a long time at that time on natural levee. Current Okamoto Bridge was rebuilt after the deluge of 1961 in 1962, and building a breakwater was replaced to dike of concrete block, too.

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".

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