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Promenade 1-1 of history

Last update date July 12, 2018

Chapter 1 Kanazawa way and around forest, Sugita way

Stone Buddhist statue of one forest, Sugita way

Topographical record map
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There is way lying in the north and south when we go out Kami-Ooka Station East Exit. It be revealed by the most door Bridge to the east for Idogaya, Gumyoji, course that further runs to bamboo grass bottom from Hodogaya, and, in this forest, Sugita way (map 1), the above-mentioned "Kanazawa way" runs in Yamane zone of East Exit of station, and one leaves for Morigaoka, and the other is route to join Kanazawa way near Kashima Shinto shrine. For thing indicating this, kosaruto and guardian deity of children statue that carved character of "left kanesawa" was not clear from the most door bridge in vacant land (map 2) of 1-4, Kamiookanishi approximately 50 meters existed. Stone Buddhist statue has been worn because believer washes with salt and scrubbing brush, and this statue cleanses and did wish, but is missing by the outskirts redevelopment construction regrettably now. In addition, mutual financing association disappeared, too.

There was Jizo shrine besides this old road. When there was Keikyu Kami-Ooka Station, site of this Jizo shrine was bought, and paulownia was moved to the root of big tree (map 3) of Enoki of 1-11, Kamiookahigashi of station East Exit. Stone stairway construction monuments in image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head tower, 1935 in image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head tower, 1843 in kosaruto, 1916 of Kamigiri (Inari Corporation), *toorugennen of travelers' guardian deity, koikujizo**ritsuzo, 1902 of 1890 stand here. Particularly, it is made to think about oldness of history of upper Ooka-mura this and that that there are *toorugennen (1,684) and signature.

As for the past, writer artist doing calligraphy is informed this course as we came and went for Bairin of Sugita, beautiful scenery of Kanazawa. Flower is offered on set day by member of a pilgrims' club, and what do these stone Buddhist statues which help put on canonical robe, and are held a service for see town of Kamiooka that changed into the modernization and car and a person's wave coming and going busily with?

"Topographical record of what the roadside to ask" for (revised edition) was issued in October, 1999 by editing of "history society of Konan".
※We publish according to mention of the original text.

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