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History chart

Last update date March 15, 2019

History chart of Konan Ward

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Chronological table

Ayumi summary of Konan Ward

It is | in the Meiji era from the Edo era From the Taisho era to 1944 It is 44 years from 1945
The Showa era from Konan Ward birth (1969) It is the present from 1989

From the Edo era to the Meiji era
YearMONKonan WardYokohama-shi
The Edo eraIn the area of current Konan Ward, it was of Nagatani in Nagatani who belonged to Kamiooka, each village of Zoshiki, Seki, Matsumoto, most door, Kubo, Miyagaya, Miyashita, Kanai, Yoshiwara which belonged to Musashi (Musashi) kokukyuryoki (kuraki) county and Sagami country Kamakura county from each village of Ueno garden, bottom Noba.1859The Yokohama opening of a port (a population of 482 people, number of houses 101)
The early period of MeijiNagatani Uemura and Nagatani Nakamura are merged; and in Nagatani village.1868The Meiji Restoration
1872 (Meiji 5)3 of Zoshiki, Seki, Matsumoto or village is merged, and is 4 of Miyagaya, Miyashita, Kanai, Yoshiwara, or village merges with bamboo grass Shimomura; and in Hino village.1872First Japanese railroad is opened between Shimbashi, Yokohama
1873 (Meiji 6)May

Foundation of Hino Elementary School

The Hino small of the Taisho era
Hino Elementary School of the Taisho era

1878 (Meiji 11)DecemberWe open kyuryokigunyakusho in the House of east tree adjoining land under bamboo grass.1887First Japanese modern water supply water supply start
1889 (Meiji 22)AprilBamboo grass Shimomura and Hino village are merged, and is 3 of upper Ooka-mura, most Tomura, Kubo village, or village merges with Kusaka-mura, and each village of Kamakura county merges with Ooka Kawamura; and in Nagano village.1889The municipal organization enforcement (about 120,000 population)
1894Yokohama harbor construction pier (current: University Bridge) completion
1909Memorial festival holding, city come for opening of a port 50 years and are established chapter and song of city

This; follow; from the Taisho era to 1944

As for Ayumi summary of Konan, please see page of history of Konan Ward.

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