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History chart Showa

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History chart of Konan Ward

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Chronological table

Ayumi, summary of Konan Ward

From the Edo era to the Meiji era From the Taisho era to 1944 It is 44 years from 1945
Showa era | from Konan Ward birth (1969) It is the present from 1989

It is the Showa era from Konan Ward birth (1969)
YearMONKonan WardYokohama-shi
1969 (Showa 44)AugustThe south public health center Konan branch establishment1969Ward new establishment (Konan Ward, Asahi Ward, Midori Ward, Seya Ward)
OctoberKonan Ward is born by area of a part of the Minami Ward 8 or town.
(25,928 number of the households in the jurisdiction, a population of 95,545 people)

1969 Kamiooka
Kamiooka at the time of Konan Ward birth. 7-story Kamiooka center building (Toko store) which opened in 1969 was existence to be outstanding in Kamiooka where mall of low-rise building led to.

1970 (Showa 45)MayA population of 100,000 people breakthrough.1970Kohoku new subdivision construction work start
1971 (Showa 46)OctoberThe Konan Ward general government building completion.
Konan public health center, Konan fire department , Konan public hall (November) establishment.

Ward government building at the time of the 46 years completion

1972 (Showa 47)AprilShimonagaya Shimin-no-Mori, establishment.1972Municipal subway opening
Streetcar, the trolley-bus abolition
DecemberDuring Isezaki-Chojamachi is opened from Kamiooka Yokohama-shi high-speed railway Route 1 (municipal subway).
1973 (Showa 48)Marchkyuryoki (kuraki) park, opening of the park.
AprilJapanese National Railways (current: JR) Negishi Line whole line opening, Konandai Station establishment.

Old Konandai Station
Konandai Station at the time of the opening of business. The number of the passengers getting on and off is still approximately 1,300 people a day. There was station building in the wasteland such as desert which bulldozer raised up cloud of dust, and came and went alone.

OctoberCity housing corporation Noba housing complex entering start
1974 (Showa 49)JulyThe environmental business station Konan factory and use of residual heat facility (Konan pool, Horai-so) completion.

Konan factory
As refuse disposal factory around the residential area, we planned harmony with cityscape with chimney as lighthouse type let alone pollution control equipment. Destruction by fire was stopped in January, 2006 by garbage weight loss.

1974A population of 2.5 million people breakthrough
SeptemberEstablishment of Konan engineering works office.
Housing and Urban Development Corporation Konandai housing complex entering start in Japan.

Konandai of 1976 when entering of housing complex continues. Konandai center Byrds which the lower left opened in those days. Yokohama Takashimaya Dept.Store opened in 1958, and the station square became downtown of the second place in ward.

NovemberCeremony of the fifth anniversary of the constituency system.
1975 (Showa 50)OctoberA population of 150,000 people breakthrough.
1976 (Showa 51)SeptemberMunicipal subway (and between Kamiooka and Kaminagaya) is extension, Konan-Chuo Station, Kami-Nagaya Station establishment.

Kami-Nagaya Station at the time of the opening of business
Kami-Nagaya Station at the time of the opening of business. With vehicle base near at hand, it was the only station in municipal subway above the ground until Azamino extension of 1993.

AugustThe first inhabitant of a ward Festival holding.
1978 (Showa 53)JuneKonan Ward holiday emergency clinics establishment.1978We are next to population Tokyo,
The second place (2.73 million)
Odori Park , Yokohama Stadium completion
1979 (Showa 54)OctoberCeremony of the tenth anniversary of the constituency system.
We establish "sunflower, bellflower, hydrangea" to flower of ward.
DecemberSome (and between Hino interchange and Asahina interchange) opening of Yokohama-Yokosuka Road.
1980 (Showa 55)MarchThe Konan district center opening
AprilBus terminal is completed in front of Kami-Ooka Station.
OctoberThe Yokohama-shi's first ward sports center, the Konan sports center opening.
DecemberMaioka Kamigo Line, Amaya Ohashi opening.
1981 (Showa 56)MayWaterway is completed for great Okagawa.
1982 (Showa 57)AugustWe establish bus terminal in Kaminagaya.
1983 (Showa 58)JuneOpening of a Diet session of Saiseikai Yokohamashi Nanbu Hospital.1983"Minato Mirai 21 business" start
1984 (Showa 59)JuneA population of 200,000 people breakthrough.1984Yokohama child Hall of Science (current: the hamaginkodomo space Hall of Science) opening
NovemberCeremony of the 15th anniversary of the constituency system.
1985 (Showa 60)MarchMunicipal subway (and between Kaminagaya and Maioka) is extension, Shimo-Nagaya Station establishment.1985A population of 3 million people breakthrough
1986Ward new establishment (Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward)
1987 (Showa 62)JanuaryThe Konan library opening.1987Municipal subway (Maioka, Tozuka) is opened
FebruaryThe opening of Nagatani district center.
1988 (Showa 63)MarchSakuramichi promenade completion.

This | From 1945 to 44 years This; follow; from 1989 to the present

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