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History of Konan Ward

The early days of the Showa era, state of flower garden in the bamboo grass groundwork area

We introduce main events after the Meiji period.

  • In quiet farm village life
  • The Yokohama opening of a port and various changes with that
  • It is village of turnout (nigi) wau Konan by cultivation of flower
  • The Great Kanto Earthquake, World War II and the present age

Chronological table (after the Edo era)

※From some items after 1969, "public information Yokohama Konan Ward version" of those days can see article to be related that we published.

List of names of a street, origin of name of a street

It shows history and characteristic of town.

Memory of culture

We made building or metal and stone tools, material appointed in cultural assets in ward list.

As for the books such as history or folktale, please see page of list of information about Konan Ward.

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