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Last update date March 13, 2019

Logo mark of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system was decided!

Business basic theme of the 50th anniversary
In "♥ oldness and Konan full of love"
"We watch" "greetings" that we brought up together "cooperation" "to assist" and spread and tie ring of much "love" (meet) in the future until now.

<meaning put in logo mark>
Sunflower which blooms out of love. It is petal ⼀ tsuga ⼈ and it is Japanese yen to surround love and becomes flower.
We express heart to assist.
※Sunflower is flower of ward that we established in commemoration of the Konan constituency system tenth anniversary.

About use of logo mark

Image data

Various formats


Anyone can use logo mark by local event or school events except the next case freely.
(1)When hurt trust of Konan-ku, Yokohama-shi and dignity; or; when can cause.
(2)When disadvantage damages others; or; when can cause.
(3)When assume trademark and design of self, and use monopolistically; or; when can cause.
(4)When is against laws and ordinances or public order and morals; or; when can cause.
(5)Specific individual and company, group, political party, religious group support or misunderstanding that recognize officially
When give; or; when can cause.
(6)When, other than thing to fix for each front issue, Konan-ku, Yokohama-shi admits that the use is inappropriate.


Logo mark has use that we cannot use.

Image of the ban on use example
The ban on use example


As a result of inhabitant of a ward vote

Total votes: 15,298 votes
Including all of residence, working in ward, we had nursery school, in primary, middle and high schools special support schools, junior colleges cooperate and had you vote from every generation. As a result, most designs which attracted 6,969 votes were decided as logo of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system.
We performed fair lottery and decided 50 present elected candidates of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system.
I sent present to elected candidate.
We will heap up together together from now on!

Summary of vote

Vote period: From March 27 to May 1
Object: Person of residence, working, attendance at school in ward, one one time
Vote means: Ballot box, mail, the Internet of Konan Ward government office, school or facility in ward
Method: We had you choose one among three logo mark plan
Commemorative present
We draw lots from person who writes full name, Address, and voted and present present of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system to 50 people.
Ten Keikyu Department Store prizes: For restaurant ticket 3,000 yen
Ten Konandai Byrds prizes: For Byrds dining night gourmet ticket 3,000 yen
One village of sunflowers prize: Concert pair complimentary ticket
※We had cooperation from local companies which were member of business executive committee of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system
Oldness and Konan prize (29): Cookies of what next dream to ask for
※What next dream is meeting of activity home, area work place in ward where impaired person who finished school age goes to in this way. Mild cookies are ⼀ tsu of article of pride
We exchange announcement of elected candidate with shipment. (going to send out sequentially from the end of May)

Please vote for logo mark of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system (finished at 17:00 on May 1)

We choose together and use logo mark to celebrate the 50th anniversary together, and let's heap up!
We designed image of Konan Ward called "love" "sunflower" (flower of ward) "town where anyone including child, elderly person, person with a disability led" to "house miyasusa".
You choose one among three candidates, and please vote. It is decided in logo mark that attracted most votes.
Vote of logo mark was finished on May 1, 2018.
Thank you for many votes.

1-person rushes, and, out of 2-cooperation, love that 3-occurs in, 4-sunflower blooms,
Person who assists that sunflower blooms.
Support, cooperation, flower bloom each other.
We will start with being able to do it. Such thought is put.

We support each other, and by helping each other, love is born, and flower blooms.
We will start with being able to do it. Such thought is put.

Sunflower which blooms out of love.
One petal is people, and it is Japanese yen to surround love, and it is flower.
We express heart to assist.

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