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Position, geographical features of Konan Ward

Last update date February 28, 2019

Position, geographical features of Konan Ward

Position, geographical features

Konan Ward did share ward from Minami Ward by administrative section reorganization on October 1, 1969 (Showa 44) and was born.
Site area spreads through 5.1 kilometers, the north and south for 6.6 kilometers to 19.86 square kilometers (approximately 4.6% of areas of Yokohama-shi), east and west, and, located at the southern part of Yokohama-shi, in the east, in Isogo Ward, the west, in Totsuka Ward, the south, Sakae Ward, the north are next to Minami Ward.
Valley and plateau of Ei Hirato Tanikawa where the topography of Konan Ward is branch of vast Okagawa and Kashio River of upper reaches are complicated finely. And way of border (kunizakai) to divide country of old Musashi and country of Sagami into goes to run through ward to the north and south. This way played an important role from ancient times as way which led to Kamakura. In addition, way of this border becomes watershed, and, in the Hino River, Ooka River of the east side, Western Ei Hirato Tanikawa flows into Sagami Bay to Tokyo Bay.
It was quiet agricultural area among hills where green that Yokohama itself was only ghost town until the Edo era, and the current Konan Ward whole area made communities only around the main important doctrine was rich in. That, development gradually advanced with the Yokohama opening of a port as hinterland of Yokohama Port, and industry came into existence. Above all, the textile printing (nassen) work keeps current of great Okagawa alive and occurs and is famous as local industry of Konan Ward. In addition, cultivation of vegetables, flower (oyster) to supply was carried out flourishingly to urban area. Afterwards, large-scale housing land development advanced as bedroom town and greatly underwent a transfiguration from garden city to bedroom suburb.
In ward, Keihinkyuko Line, JR Negishi Line, three railroads of municipal subway go particularly it is in ward that it is easy to live for that commercial facilities concentrate on Kamiooka and Konandai district, and has both turnout (nigi) wai, convenience and livability as terminal.
Konan Ward emblem

Map which showed position, the situation of Konan Ward in Yokohama-shi

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