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The making of 2019 Konan Ward unit characteristics ward promotion costs that there is

The making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs self planning operating cost is budget for each ward to develop ward's original business that accepted the local fact so that ward office copes with local immediate problem and needs carefully.

Last update date March 8, 2019

Way of thinking "connection oldness and Konan to bring up" of compilation of the budget

We work with local all of you and push forward community development toward "oldness and Konan to be connected, and to bring up". We share town development of "we watch and assist" with local all of you while doing triggered by business of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system in 2019 and work with local so that "disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage" and "health promotion" spread still more.

Konan Ward formation budget generalization table
Division The amount of 2019 formation Contents
Self planning operating cost 107.178 million yen Business plan of self planning operating cost this (PDF: 1,398KB)
Unification desk work operating cost 49.73 million yen Business plan of unification desk work operating cost this (PDF: 573KB)
Use of ward government building, inhabitant of a ward facility management fee 729.072 million yen Business plan of use of ward government building, inhabitant of a ward facility management fee this (PDF: 551KB)
Warming plus business 2,000 1,000 yen Business plan of warming plus business this (PDF: 254KB)

Konan Ward formation budget self planning operating cost
Number Division The amount of budget Business name

Town development of security, relief
 In three coming next-door houses on both sides by leading figure that support approach of local disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage to be able to be related, and to be able to help each other in the case of emergency, and vary of "both" watch, and promote assisting.

29.468 million yen

・Town development business resisting disaster
・Watch at the time of disaster in area; promotion business
・Community-based welfare health practice promotion business
・Security/safety town development promotion business
・Local power step-up business - Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations activity support, mall promotion ...
・Life promotion business that is comfortable by security
・Inhabitant of a ward activity support center brunch administration business

2 Town development that each one can spend well
 Various business, groups cooperate and work on health promotion and the care prevention. In addition, we create activity opportunities such as sports or culture and push forward construction of local inclusion care system, and elderly person pushes forward cheerful town development that anyone can live for in peace to person with a disability, too.
17.348 million yen

・Health action what 5 promotion business to ask for
・Person with a disability breath breath life support business
・Elderly person spirit support business
・Local sports support business
・Local culture promotion business
・Inhabitant of a ward activity, lifelong learning support project

3 Town development that child, the young people grow up into in good health
 Child care stimulates made environment creation in peace in area and supports health promotion of child.
In addition, promote child care support without interruption, healthy upbringing young in cooperation with area, school watch, and push forward activity.
16.113 million yen

・It is child care support business in area
・"Without interruption" is child care support project
・The young people mirai support business
・Sunflower interchange business

4 Town development that wants to continue living
 We carry out PR and commemorative project to celebrate the constituency system 50th anniversary of 31 years with inhabitants of a ward and promote the making of charm through flower sunflower of ward, realization of traffic that we considered safely of walker. In addition, it is worked on local beautification
We support approach for reduction of this and garbage.
30.79 million yen

・Any "eco-live." to ask Promotion business
・Yokohama 3R dream! Promotion business
・Beautiful town planning business with moisture
・Oldness and Konan business to make together
・City planning master plan, Konan Ward plan revision business
・Walker support business
・It is business attending school road colored pavement
・Business of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system,

5 Offer of accurate careful administrative services
 You snuggle up to feeling of next agency each made all of you, and provide administrative services heartily precisely and carefully
Well, we push forward the making of ward office having you feel, it "was good to come".
13.459 million yen

・What administration of a ward promotion business to ask for
・Plain reporting business
・General information enhancement business
・Comfortable ward office promotion business

  The total 107.178 million yen  

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