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2019 administration policy

Last update date May 21, 2019

Basic aim

Oldness and Konan ... which bring up ... connection

Local all of you and "town which anyone can live on security for well in peace" to make with collaboration

"Ward office which provides administrative services in exact carefulness" which becomes basics of inhabitant of a ward life

Measure for accomplishment

Community development to push forward with local all of you by collaboration

 We promote "Konan sunflower plan" (community-based welfare health planning) that we devised with local all of you and we watch in area and, through connection with people, assist and we collaborate with ward office, school, related organizations, area, company and push forward community development which anyone can live for lively.

To let you live an everyday life

Town development of measure 1 security, relief

Watch measure 2; town development of assisting

Town development that none of the measure 3 can spend in good health well

Town development that measure 4 wants to continue living in

[approach example to push forward collaboration]
 We are united with all of area, school, company, the related organizations and carry out PR and commemorative project to celebrate the constituency system 50th anniversary with inhabitants of a ward.
 By holding of "cheerful community development forum", we share approach direction and example of local action.
 Through "community development promotion meeting by collaboration", we push forward cooperation with all of the activity groups in ward.
 We hold "school building sunflower" that staff of ward office learns together and regards as inhabitants of a ward.

Offer of accurate careful administrative services

 We greet inhabitants of a ward warmly heartily and windows concerned are united and push forward the making of smooth ward office which by coping, can feel, it "was good to come".

Organization administration for accomplishment

 We organize in glance same as area and run!
 We go to the spot through various opportunities to share local fact, problem, thought, and go ahead through duties in spite of being thought with local all of you and push forward community development by collaboration with local.

 Correct; is polite, in mei ruku spirit!
 We hear voice of inhabitants of a ward well and, being conscious of each one being face of ward office, do and snuggle up to feeling and perform polite reception. In addition, we perform accurate operation such as systems and perform cheerful window reception brightly.

 We improve cooperation power as team Konan!
 We promote approach by collaboration as "team Konan" while cooperating, and cooperating with administration, related organizations as well as cooperation in agency and work for accomplishment, problem solution.

 Promotion of personnel training, work-style reform!
 We usually learn and bring up human resources trusted to all of you by the making of workplace which can show ability. In addition, in cooperation with each other, we try for duties accomplishment that it is like efficiency, effect and promote work-style reform.

Main business, approach

Town development of measure 1 security, relief

 "Self support" to protect own body by oneself works on enlightenment about disaster prevention, anti-crime program, road safety that we included child and child care generation in commencing with PR of "five disaster prevention" so that understanding to "community support" such as cooperation of the neighborhood advances.

[town development resisting disaster]

 In addition to storage of food and drinking water, we publicize the preparation of "at-home evacuation" that we can evacuate to at home which lived so long by improvement of preventive measures against storage and furniture falls of restroom pack in the case of emergency.

 By making of "Konan Ward disaster prevention guide" (storm and flood damage) and holding of "sunflower disaster prevention tour", we perform PR for disaster prevention power up of child, child care generation.

 By support to pet company evacuation drill in evacuation shelter, we push forward approach about pet measures at the time of disaster.

[we watch and assist]

 We support approach in area so that support to tower (person that it is difficult to evacuate by oneself) required is carried out smoothly in the case of emergency at disaster.

[promotion of anti-crime program, road safety]

 In late years we push forward approach that cooperated with related organizations such as area, the police to prevent damage of wire fraud increasing rapidly and traffic accident of children, elderly person.

 Security of child looks and, toward promotion of defense, maintains map for safety measures of attending school road.

Watch measure 2; town development of assisting

 In three coming next-door houses on both sides of "both" push forward approach that watch, and ring of assisting spreads through by various leading figures to be able to be related, and to be able to help each other in the case of emergency.

[everyday we watch and assist]

 We push forward "Konan sunflower 83 (the bee sun) exercise" to perform local environment creation watching child at the time of commuting to and from school altogether.
 Through lecture and dementia supporter training course, we push forward right understanding of dementia to wide generation and we see and open ring of defense.
 We push forward common knowledge of lucky charm "sunflower holder" of emergency of elderly person, person with a disability.
 We notify enlightenment poster to bus running in the ward and promote approach to push forward obstacle understanding in area.
 Did triggered by "greetings" and "calling", is gentle; have cooperate to watch; watch, and push forward appeal to cooperation company in cooperation with community care plaza.

Town development that none of the measure 3 can spend in good health well

 We call for practice of "what 5 asking for healthy action", and anyone pushes forward approach to postpone healthy life expectancy in good health. In addition, we push forward construction of local inclusion care system which medical care, care, the care prevention, life support is offered to integrally.

[promotion of what 5 asking for healthy action]

 We work together so that "healthy management" of all of the companies in ward advances to push forward health promotion to work generation.
 For improvement in cancer screening consultation rate of work, child care generation, we carry out reception desk on the Internet and temporary childcare in the lung cancer health check-up of ward office.
 By cooperation with school, we perform smoking measures class for sixth grader and aim at improvement in health conscious of child.

[child care support without interruption]

 From the pregnancy period to childbirth, the infants period, the attendance at school period, we expand support that snuggled up to parent and child including consultation about child care without interruption.

[the care prevention and support that elderly person can spend like oneself]

 By cooperation with community care plaza (Local Elderly Care Management Center), we support elderly people pushing forward health promotion.
 We utilize medical institution maps and push forward cooperation of medical care and care and enlighten to choose own way of life for own intention by ending notebook.

[promotion of sports that anyone can enjoy casually]

 We push forward health promotion through sports that walking and radio exercises, anyone including ground golf can participate in by the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics happily casually as opportunity.

Town development that measure 4 wants to continue living in

 We carry out PR and commemorative project to celebrate the constituency system 50th anniversary with inhabitants of a ward and advance town development in consideration for local beautification activity and reduction of garbage, security of walker.

[clean up of cityscape]

 We back up approach of doing beautification activity in area including clean up activity to be carried out in river and road and park.

[promotion of Yokohama 3R dream plan]

 We promote foods drive, reduction, 3R of garbage mainly on reduction of food loss utilizing rolling stock.

[town development in consideration for security of walker]

 We push forward environment creation to go out in peace forever by performing setting, repair of handrail on stairs of public road.

 We push forward new establishment, repair of reliable color belt of attending school road to ensure the security of children.

Offer of accurate careful administrative services

 We greet inhabitants of a ward warmly heartily and push forward the making of ward office which can feel, it "was good to come". In addition, we provide administrative services to become basics of inhabitant of a ward life in exact carefulness while snuggling up to each person's feeling.

[offer (family register, tax practice of administrative services to become basics of inhabitant of a ward life, insurance pension , accountancy)]

 Window where procedure is related to cooperates and tries for improvement in convenience of inhabitants of a ward.

[corresponding (elderly person, person with a disability to people needing support, child home, life support)]

 While each window and related organizations supporting cooperate, we apply various systems precisely and perform support that snuggled up to each one.
 The staff concerned with support learns each other and raises the staff power, capacity for organization.

[plain reporting]

 We work on window correspondence that "snuggled up" to inhabitants of a ward, public information "handed down".

Business of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system: In "❤ oldness and Konan full of love"

 Konan Ward reaches the constituency system 50th anniversary on October 1.
 Basic theme that we loaded with "greetings" such thought that "watches" "assisting", and spread, and wants to tie ring of much "love" (meet) in the future deepen local connection for o password still more in "❤ hometown Konan full of love" and carries out commemorative project tying "hometown Konan" to children carrying the future with area, school, company, related organizations.


Five disaster prevention

Let's talk about!
What would you do to contact of ... family?

Let's possess!
Even as for ... minimum for food, drinking water 3rd

Let's protect the body from suffocation!
Prevention of fall of ... furniture and earthquake-resistant measures

At the time of evacuation!
Running out of main cock of ... electricity, gas

It is earthquake!
In ... neighborhood for voice, at first, "say evacuation sites"

Without forgetting positive restroom pack!

Portable toilet pack
Konan Ward portable toilet pack

What 5 which asks for healthy action

Let's walk! Every day
We exchange ... neighborhood and greetings and prevent area and connection care
Let's eat! Vegetables
If it is plentiful with taste of a lot of ... vegetables salt modest soup stock
Let's protect! Tooth
It is checked tooth regularly to eat deliciously from ... entrance

We seem to cry! Smoke of cigarette
To Konan where ... each one raises awareness, and there is not harm of cigarette

Let's take a rest! Well
 For ... sleep and change in source of the tomorrow's spirit

And let's receive! Cancer screening and physical checkup

Konan Ward walking promotion character sunflower

Lucky charm "sunflower holder" of emergency

 ①When or impaired ② dementia that was urgently conveyed in whereabouts were protected by the police, hospital and the police inform registration ahead (community care plaza (advanced age), tsushosakijigyoshoto (obstacle)), and can confirm information such as the name and emergency contact number, family medicine, have "in the case of emergency, comprise", and usually wear toshite, is useful, and is goods.

Sunflower holder

Watch; cooperation company

 It is all of gentle shop and delivery, delivery companies which cooperate to watch triggered by "greetings" and "calling" in everyday life.
 Sticker which took in work of everybody of person with a disability local action home "Konan welfare home" watches and is mark of cooperation company.

Watch; cooperation company sticker

Watch; cooperation company sticker

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Administration policy

Konan Ward administration policy

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