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Last update date August 27, 2020

Please enjoy sunflower

 August begins, and intense heat continues day after day, is everybody fine?
 Speaking of August, we were absorbed in festival until last year, and I was life such as Bon festival dance with yukata, too.
 However, as far as, for corona evil, local event including festival calls off row of houses this year and is really lonely.
 As sunflower is at their best today while it looks like it, it is the introduction. Place is safety zone of Fujisawa, Yokohama Line in front of Konan engineering works office close to Kami-Nagaya Station. Local everybody and engineering works office staff planted together in the end of July. I went to see state of flower, but am in a state near full bloom.
 We think that you can go to visit by all means before the best time to see passes.

August 27, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We had you contribute supplementary water liquid to electrolyze

 The situation not to be flat for new coronavirus infectious disease prophylaxis continues. You must be always conscious of hand-washing, mask wearing, 3 dense evasion.
 We had contribution of supplementary water liquid to electrolyze which could absorb water lost by The Daiei, Inc. quickly last week while it looked like it. Heat reaches hard summer, but it is sought from now on that we wear mask when we offer care service. Particularly, as for the person engaged in pickup and drop-off service, work in the hot outside is unavoidable. Therefore we decided to have care office with pickup and drop-off service conjugate.
 Because Daiei developed moving sale in Sakae Ward and Konan Ward as for this contribution, we felt that we wanted to send relief to inhabitants of a ward of both wards and had proposal. Moving sale in Konan Ward spreads among areas with Wednesday and Thursday, soil steadily month a week, too.
 We cannot but live together with coronavirus for a while, but local company contributes to area in various forms. Coronavirus converges and hopes that I can see everybody early.

July 22, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Let's enjoy by "Konan sunflower leading"

 It has been a long time no see, everybody.
 Local regular assemblies came to be finally held, too. However, the aspect is different from the past. We squeeze the number of participants to avoid 3 dense o and install antiseptic solution and open window and door to air, and to change and each area supports and seems to be had a hard time.
 Event of each place calls off row of houses while it looks like it and is really disappointed. All the summer festivals get a contact with cancellation for granted, too. Therefore we felt even slightly summer atmosphere with everybody and made dance video of "Konan sunflower leading" to enjoy.
 And Konan sunflower leading recruits videos which "beat" which "we danced" to have everybody enjoy together. As for the way of application, please see page of Konan sunflower leading.
 Bon festival dance in a great number of people is not possible, but can enjoy online Bon festival dance if you can post friend of Bon festival dance, friend of school, neighboring friend, video in group including co-worker of company.
 We look forward to application from many people.

Town assembly Reiko Tsukada, stone bridge ori child told in circle of the inside!

July 17, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Let's do radio exercises together

It is by little, but we think that we are coming back in life of time of peace, but life corresponding to "new lifestyle" is demanded.
We find theme that you shoot in Konan Ward and can enjoy time and are released in web page. We asked Noriko Yamaguchi who was the first grade radio exercises instruction person and uploaded video of "serious radio exercises" last week. I do gymnastics with 83 (the bee sun) Taro with Chairperson Fujita of ward alliance Chairperson Machiuchi contact meeting together, too. Please do radio exercises together to be careful about the new coronavirus infection prevention and heat stroke, and to maintain physical and mental health while seeing video.
Video can move from the following links to introduction page.
[Konan Ward version] We shoot, and let's enjoy time

June 15, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We had you contribute liquid hand soap

Emergency declaration of new coronavirus was canceled entirely on May 25. Resumption, store including restaurant of school and use of citizen facility usually gradually return to business, too. However, after all, hand-washing, mask, a cough etiquette last and must be conscious while the second wave of infection is worried about.
I received contribution of liquid hand soap from such inside, Yokohama Konan Rotary Club. We had you send nursery school, kindergarten, After-School Care Program Clubs in ward to 99 places in total directly to have you make use for hygiene management of children. Children can wash their hands well, and offer itadaiki appreciates environment that can be idle well.
We cannot but live together with new coronavirus for a while, but hope that I can see everybody early.

June 2, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We support healthcare worker with egg soup

Golden Week was over, too, but how does have while extension is accomplished as for the emergency declaration during period until the end of May, and going out self-restraint request continues? We have you recreate yourself with moderate exercise and think that you can keep in mind not to store up stress.
You may donate egg soup for 800 meals to support coronavirus newer than such inside, Pau, Yachiyo Tolly, and to cheer up toward the healthcare worker doing the best day and night. We decided to donate to Saiseikai Yokohamashi Nanbu Hospital which was disaster base Hospital, and we were handed to Director Shigeo Takebayashi by President Masatoshi Kasahara.
Whenever local company sees figure which is going to support people doing their best in area, it becomes really full of appreciation.
In addition, online application of Supplementary Income Payment began on May 12 in particular in Yokohama-shi. Inquiry about password of electronic certificate for signature of my number card is put a lot to ward office. We reset password and may keep waiting now. We recommend mail application to evade 3 dense o as we push forward preparations for mail application.

May 13, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We had contribution of mask

We think that all of you distress and days when we did are sent while it does not show point of new coronavirus. We report event to be able to feel loving today while it looks like it.
April begins, and do soon, and "want to contribute mask" suddenly; there was a phone call. Master of telephone was from President Jitsuo Kurata of kurashido to put the head office in Konan Ward and seemed to want you to effectively utilize for Konan Ward for many years as we ran business mainly on Konan Ward. And we had contribution of mask of 10,000 pieces last week. Originally we seemed to purchase for company's employee, but had you hand over part. As a result of having examined utilization method, under such situation, we decided to have you utilize in nursery school, kindergarten, After-School Care Program Clubs which had you take care of children. We have such a proposal while mask is lacking in and really thank.

April 23, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

2020 began

Report to all of you breaks off for a while and is sorry since I did report of cheerful community development forum of February. For the infection prevention of new coronavirus, we all canceled event or seminar of this ward sponsorship that local all of you were planned the other day, and it has been postponement. As far as we are really lonely.
Consultation about new coronavirus infection is sent to ward office, but it is coped calmly, and inhabitants of a ward thank. As we deal with correspondence in the whole city hall including ward office, understanding and cooperation, please continuously.
It is such situation, but reaches the new year from April. I made the second year Director General, but there was transfer of the staff of the number of the uniformity. We think that the new staff will work with all of you, but, depending on area, thanks in advance for your help.
In addition, did under such severe situation, but local all of you cultivated, watch, and ask for your kind cooperation to keep fire of assisting.

April 3, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Konan Ward management responsibility job all members

Management responsibility job
From the left Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Keiichiro Mizuno (Keiichiro not to look after), Health and Welfare Center head Katsuhiro Mabuchi (mabuchikatsuhiro), Director General Yuichiro Imatomi (see now Yuichiro), vice-Director General Kiko Saito (Saito appears, and come), engineering works desk work director Kiyoshi Ibuka (ibukakiyoshi), fire chief Yasuko Kanai (no, kana is not crowded)

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