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Last update date February 21, 2020

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Swing return marks of "cheerful community development forum"

On Saturday, February 15, we held Konan Ward cheerful community development forum. We hold this forum every year to share introduction of various local actions performed as the collected studies of one year of community development by collaboration in ward or future directionality with local.
We placed as the finale event of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system this time and carried out hall of Yokohama Women's Junior College which could accommodate the more than 800 audiences in venue. You could gather many customers or we were worried, but were able to participate in 700 people.

We were suitable for the finale event, and, in addition to local approach announcement, there was work announcement by Ai Morikawa that top flight chairperson Prize of Konan protection host was won in the exercise composition contest to light introduction of business of the 50th anniversary of each group and constituency system that had local hold, Konan Ward society until now on that day. Work of Morikawa pointed out problem of the modern society keenly so as not to think to be primary schoolchild, and Kanagawa rebirth protection association's director Prize was won, too.

As keynote address, talk of Fumio Furuya of Yokohama High School baseball club former supervisor Genchi Watanabe and Yokohama commercial high school baseball club former supervisor was performed. A word word "not to be brought up in strong team when pay more attention to substitute, and do not cope well" that "cannot teach children when do not have love and strictness with" it of ex-excellent supervisor two people of heaviness there was. In addition, we remembered those days, and story of legendary three games that Matsuzaka of Yokohama High School gave up made deep emotion much more.

Finally, from Fujita who was association of Konan Ward Chairperson Machiuchi contact meeting chairperson, we had you show directionality of approach of "community development by collaboration" of Konan Ward for 2020.
With this forum, business of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system became the end, but, for one year or more, we heaped up commemorative project, and thank you for your participation.

February 21, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

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Health running meet supported in area

Konan Ward health running meet that assumed Noba junior high school start goal on Sunday, January 12 was held. Unlike weather forecast until the middle of the week, it was ideal day for running that was really good in blue sky warmly on that day. There were part of primary schoolchild, junior high student, the public, family and various items, and more than 1,000 runners participated, and it was prosperous, and meeting was performed.
We walked around course from ground before competition began, but many sports promotion committee members, all of association of ward physical education track and field club were stood until the roadside guard by roadside, and it was made an effort for administration of smooth competition by administration. In addition, people of Konan police department cooperated totally because we assumed a part of traffic lane regulation and the road course. We appreciate that we have areas are united and support this meeting.
This meeting counts 41 times, but wants to continue such a meeting to cost area well by all means.

January 17, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

New Year parade of fire brigades, congratulations exchange society of the New Year

The work beginning was relation that was January 6, and congratulations exchange party was held this year on 7th in New Year's parade of fire brigades and the New Year of Konan Ward.
At first, we added to various places of member of fire brigade of long service, member of excellent fire brigade, and, by the New Year parade of fire brigades open in Konan Fureai Park, commendation to various places that were meritorious about firefighting was performed. Afterwards, fireman's standard transfer, ladder-passenger performance or firefighting general training were carried out. We expressed state of the kiririto firm New Year. As for the support of children of nursery school of neighborhood that watched performance in that, there was heartwarming thing.

You moved place successively in Konan sports center and were able to gather in various places of about 700 inhabitants of a ward with it was open New Year congratulations exchange fair. It is people to usually meet, but feels new when, after all, we meet in this timing when new year began.
Once again, we would like this year, everyone.

January 9, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

New Year's greetings

A Happy New Year.
How did you have New Year holidays, everyone?
I went around five bases of fire brigade on December 28 and encouraged the year-end and New Year firefighting special guard.
We had there be the job of the guard activity in the cold, and thank you very much.
The beginning of the year was relatively slow and exchanged New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine and various places and New Year's greetings of relative.
In addition, we moved jogging, cycling, tennis and the body in order to regain overeating and overdrinking of the first three days of a new year, but body becomes stiff for muscular pain of the reaction.
There were full of commemorative projects of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system, but they settle down and want to work on local problem this year last year.
I would appreciate your kind of continued support in this year.

January 6, 2020
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Sunflower music Festa holding

"Sunflower music festival" that became the tenth on Sunday, December 8 was held. Venue had you lend wonderful hall by the Yokohama Women's Junior College-like kindness.
Konandai second Elementary School, chorus clubs of elementary school, Hinominami Elementary School, Sakuragaoka Elementary School, Shimonagaya elementary school participated for Noba bell, and this festival had you show brightly cheerful singing voice. In addition, in commemoration of the Konan constituency system 50th anniversary, Konan Ward sunflower orchestra appeared, too and enjoyed performance. And it was performance by collaboration with all primary schoolchildren and orchestras finally. Singing voice by about 200 that we did backed by performance of orchestra was the best part.
Children want to push forward town development that it is in support of mind that can feel Konan Ward saying it is with "oldness" that becomes title of song.

December 12, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Winter illuminations lighting

The ceremony of lighting of illuminations got close to as winter charming sights toward the area at bus rotary in front of Konandai Station on Thursday, November 14 was carried out.
With lighting type, wind music performance by student of Yokohama Women's Junior College and song by children of affiliated kindergarten were shown. Children sang in loud voice well individually and heaped up ceremony by singing voice to be able to get spirit. Christmas felt having approached.

This event is held every year by each company, group around the Konandai, cooperation of local people and seems to invite the 25th at this time. Illuminations turn on from 17:00 to 24:00 every day until February 14 of the next year. Everybody, please enjoy the town of light, too.

November 19, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Ceremony, sunflower Festa holding of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system

Ceremony holding of the 50th anniversary of Konan constituency system

Commemorative ceremony of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system was held in inhabitant of a ward hall on the first floor of the ward office on Saturday, November 2.
Ceremony had you participate in company and local representative, people of related organizations, group who had the support including all of the commemorative project executive committees. It was relatively small thing, but, as ceremony, person who has rendered distinguished services commendation from eight fields that memorialized the cause of peaceful atmosphere, the 50th anniversary by just that much was performed.
And the best part was calligraphy performance by all of Kaminagaya Junior High School. 3m in height, huge paper of 4m in width had you write o in "♥ oldness and Konan full of love" that were password, and they showed performance by dance around there.

Finally there was introduction of article from special support schools such as Hinochuuo High School that had you make this souvenir.
In ceremony, we think thing which is solemn atmosphere that there is, but put together with sunflower Festa held all at once around venue and feel that ceremony to make with local various places and participation type came to "♥ hometown Konan full of love" by o embodiment.

It ends in the sunflower Festa University prosperity

Commemorative ceremony was over, and 14I vent of "sunflower Festa" began in three venues.
In commemoration of the 50th anniversary, there was effect that thing and weather which held event held at the outskirts on the same day were good, and unprecedented people flocked and were able to go around each venue this year. We performed stamp rally which went around venue, but long line was established for stamp, and product which prepared at first has disappeared in no time. I'm sorry.
As for "what the child dream world 2019 to ask" for which had been held in Konan Fureai Park, people overflowed between tent, and there was crowd every year in front of stage which announced dances.

Particularly, stage announcement and work display, many students including tea-ceremony room participated in event that 11 junior high schools in ward participated in and, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary, swelled together. At the end of stage announcement in Konan Junior High School, there was deeply impressive thing in performance by Noba junior high school brass band club to integrate with Maruyamadai Junior High School in April, 2020.
We thank all of you who had you make an effort for sunflower Festa holding and on the day thank who had you go to visit venue. Really thank you.

November 6, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

shabe Ciao ♪ But, it is held

"shabe Ciao ♪" which children brought into local company of inhabitant of a ward, everybody, staff of facility on Saturday, October 5 was held. For development of the fourth Konan sunflower plan, 100 people gathered in meeting room of ward office, and exchange of opinions that heat overflowed in harmonious atmosphere was performed.
We rearranged group after we made group according to areas, and which "we want to do something like this" gave opinions, "this should be established" and took world cafe method to take idea. Based on each experience and knowledge, active exchange of opinions was accomplished and had helpful idea, and Yale was sent.
This exchange of opinions is reflected by the next sunflower plan and thinks that we can connect even one with concrete approach.

October 18, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Autumn bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up

"Bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up" was opened up on Saturday, September 28.
I participated with friend of ward office following spring, too.
In long torso, we were in charge of cleaning in river this time, but, unlike spring clean up, became very hard.
There was much influence of typhoon No.15 of the other day or quantity of water and occasionally pushed forward step while we soaked in water to the waist top.

In addition, garbage had many large things, and unprecedented garbage including bicycle and baby carriage was covered at the bottom of a river, and usual garbage of 1 ton which increased twice as much was collected this time.

Therefore person in charge who pulled up garbage in rope from river was fatigued.

We were surprised at size of influence caused by typhoon and keenly realized the need to continue, and to work on.

We continue working on cleaning with local all of you and want to do bamboo grass Shimokawa from now on in river which firefly flies about as in the past.

October 4, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Visit of respect for the old month

Prior to Respect for the Aged Day of September 16, we visited Tanaka naka which became 106 years old at the ward most advanced age of this year on 13th and celebrated longevity.
Younger sister and the son who became 90 years old had you attend and were able to spend a time with peaceful atmosphere on that day.

Tanaka lived in the suburbs before, but seemed to be moved in before a little that Konan Ward was born.

We were able to hear story of something wrong of scenery of Konan Ward with witty state well.

On the other hand, it was moved to tears if thankful by our visit and had words finally saying "please take care".
80 people (as of September 15) 100 years or older come in Konan Ward.

We express my long-lived congratulations on all of you. You are well, and please spend time from now on.

September 20, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Summer festival in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of association of Konan Ward silver club society and Konan Ward

"Interchange summer festival Bon festival dance meeting between the tenth generations" to complete this summer in Konan Fureai Park on August 27 was held. Hosted by Konan Ward silver club combination fair that reached the 50th anniversary, this Bon festival dance depended this year, and silver clubs of the whole area in ward gathered, and dances such as "Konan sunflower leading" were shown one after another. Friend of ward office changed into yukata, too, and ring of dance increased. We surrounded two folds of towers in Mie, and, as well as the top of tower, ring of dance was made. The tops of tower overflowed in children and, by "hail leading", went back, and interchange between generations swelled very much.

It became Director General and, in the first summer, participated in summer festival almost every week from the middle of July and was able to interchange with local everybody. In addition, thank you, we came to be able to wear yukata early whenever we repeated times.
It is over and feels slightly lonely, but wants to join in Bon festival dance again next year in the summer.

August 30, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Life experience-based interchange by Osaki-shi and children of Konan Ward

In Konan Ward, we interchanged with Osaki-shi, Miyagi (former Sanbongi-cho) mutually from 1988 and carried out each city visit by interchange business of children in turn from 2006. We greeted children of Osaki-shi from August 4 and shared the food and sleep with children of Konan Ward in Yokohama-shi Nojima young people training center for three days and deepened interchange this year.
We had all of association of Konan Ward sunflower interchange of 25 became kind and run on greeting this time. We feel that head really falls down for administration in consideration for security while pleasing children.
It will be turn to visit Osaki-shi next year. As we can make memory that is surely good, everybody, to become sixth grader from fourth grader in the next fiscal year, we look forward to participation.

August 16, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Is the "sunflower Festa of 30,000 village of Oga" weekend at their best?

Sunflower Festa was started on Thursday, July 18 in the sunflower field of village of Oga who was opened to the public on Saturday, July 20. Kami-Ooka Station East Exit Store Association, all of executive committees by Kamiooka center mall open every year and seem to meet the ninth in this year. It was rainy and, under the influence of lack of sunshine, was not able to say full bloom, but swelled very much this year as student of Kamiooka Elementary School showed singing voice in matching yellow T-shirt. Children tied to sunflower with wish to strip of paper. Opening to the public is until Sunday, July 28, but sunflowers become in full bloom by then, and, please visit field spread all over 30,000 sunflowers as we think that it is.

July 24, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Full thanks! "Ending notebook" cinematograph society

After holding the screening society and how to write ending note course of movie "ending notebook" in "village of sunflowers" on Saturday, July 13, venue became full. We appreciate your arriving.
We borrowed place of each local regular assembly and discussion meeting to have local everybody know administration policy of ward and explained. We talked about importance of ending notebook and publicized the screening society, but, as a result, at stage of prior application, we exceeded capacity, and which I declined as a result of lottery has appeared on this occasion. I'm sorry.
Contents of movie retire at 67 years old and are of quite a recent date and, in response to sentence of cancer, are documentary which we put figure which carries out ending notebook to generalize the life in. It is real daughter that continued turning camera, and therefore, in the great place of this movie, it is warm thing which it is possible for. Of movie when was coming to an end, heard voice of sob in many places. As for me, eyes became hot.
On the day we think that you can utilize that place as person who was not able to participate holds form course in cooperation with community care plaza.

July 24, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

The Hino River clean up between the rainy season

The Hino River clean up was performed on Saturday, July 13. Fortunately, it was not so hot and was able to finish cleaning on that day while it rained from the afternoon. It meant in the eighth year in this year, but, by effort of local people including all of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, river was in a very beautiful state. All of Little League team and Konan Junior High School had you participate and felt to be reliable.

In boots, we cleaned the bottom of a river this time, but empty can stood out whether there was person to throw into river. We felt whether you could not help raising awareness of everybody by continuing moving into action patiently.
We would like in future to clean river which is oldness and precious property of Konan.

July 24, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We work on greetings with 83 Taro

As a result of assisting area of Nagatani district in last year, and having argued in network, "greetings" asked so that school each other was connected to area when greetings would exercise as serious matter in total above all at school attendance time of primary and secondary student. It was revealed, and, from Wednesday, July 10 through 12th Friday, various places of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations said hello to several with the cooperation of student of Serigaya Junior High School for primary and secondary student. On the first day, we participated, but 83 (the bee sun) Taro stood in the place, too and they waved their hand and exchanged greetings. He/she gathered so as to begin worrying when 83 Taro might be late for primary schoolchild in extreme popularity.
When there were cheerful greetings, we were able to spend time when we got one-day spirit.

July 24, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Konan Ward sunflower orchestra where full audience was fuddled with

Konan Ward sunflower orchestra was reopened in commemoration of the Konan constituency system 50th anniversary on Sunday, July 7 and held periodical concert in shortly after Kanagawa Pref. Concert Hall.
900 people were surprised that Kanagawa Pref. Concert Hall which entered was filled with full audience. Popular musical piece of Tchaikovsky had been chosen as program and became glad in state that was satisfactory mind of audience after performance.
This periodical concert is the 25th, but expects that you can play good performance continuously.

July 24, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We show result of daily training! Firefighting how to handle technique training society

Firefighting how to handle technique training party of Konan fire brigade was held on Sunday, July 7 of the Star Festival. Was performed in Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Konan office, but is unfortunate on that day; it was likely to rain, and wind was occasionally strong, too, and might have been not good too much for training environment. However, at the time of iza disaster, players did the best as hard as possible when any weather did not support as it was Nara.
I heard that woman members increased, and man and woman was combined participation corps three of nine teams, and there was unit called woman half of of member recently, too.
We were able to see result of daily training of everybody. Please do your best for local security, relief in future. Thank you in advance.

July 24, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

All together! The Star Festival Festival

During the schedule of interval of the rainy season; and on Wednesday, July 3 "play, and I smell! The Star Festival Festival was held. As the making of place that preschooler touches, and interchanges with local parent and child, Konandai child care Network plays a key role and is opened every year. Wind shook with strip of paper which bamboo grass put up by cooperation of engineering works office wrote request without rest moderately on that day. Student of Yokohama Women's Junior College played with children, and venue was wrapped in harmonious atmosphere. Finally shiborenja where was popular among children came up and we went berserk and went berserk and showed no dance, and venue swelled very much.
It was day when we felt that place that local parent and child could enjoy together was really important.

July 24, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Of the 50th anniversary of higiri community development; congratulations!

Ceremony of the 50th anniversary of nihigiri community development was held in Higiriyama Elementary School on Saturday, June 22. Many people gathered in gymnasium including primary schoolchild, and entertainment was developed with a cappella, ukulele comic chat, magic show, rakugo other than commemorative ceremony in sequence on that day. We have been drawn into art of famous people appeared on for national TV show absorbedly. And curry of everybody fun was served finally. Konan Ward became the 50th anniversary and it was deeply impressive and saw ceremony this year when we moved forward with masanihigiri community development. "higiri local history" settled in the alliance Neighborhood Association taking the opportunity of the 50th anniversary has wonderful thing. As well as higiri community development, we can have a glimpse of Konan Ward of the period of high growth, history of Yokohama-shi.
It was day when we felt depth of area love that we brought up in local everybodies.

June 28, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We participated in large Okagawa clean up!

"Large Okagawa clean up" was performed on clean up third of river, Saturday, June 1. Everybody of Kamiooka, Okubo most door district and bamboo grass groundwork ward shares day, and cleaning will work all at once in the upper reaches region of large Okagawa, the downstream region.
There was much number of people, and work in river which junior high student played a key role, and was pushed forward was grand. In addition, creature lay hidden in riverside promenade, and there seemed to be child who found snake, and bound neck. We felt whether consciousness that beautification worked while a lot of people who participated in families enjoyed, valued river was born.

When we were supported, and clean up activity stood in really many various places including preparations before reaching traffic control and collection of garbage, this day, it was day when we changed depth of area love and felt.

June 7, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We participated in Ei Hirato Tanikawa clean up!

We participated in "Ei Hirato Tanikawa clean up" performed on Saturday, May 25 with friend of ward office.
This beautification activity had you gather to local alliance Neighborhood Associations, primary, junior high and high schools or Little League, soccer by sponsorship of Ei Hirato Tanikawa waterside protection fair that aimed for "we made oldness and Nagatani and protect" a lot. In sunlight like summer not to think to be May, we performed on that day while sharing plantation of weeding cleaning and flower seedling with long distance of 1.8km. Particularly, people of protection society hung instructions board of main weeding and plantation, and invention that participant was easy to work and did was done and has admired the prior preparations.
With large-scale clean up, we realized importance of daily beautification activities again.

May 31, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We participated in bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up!

"Bamboo grass Shimokawa clean up" was opened up on Saturday, May 18 and participated with friend of ward office.
It is one of the approaches of bamboo grass Shimokawa reproduction project that feels, this cleaning activity "wants to make river where firefly flies about bamboo grass Shimokawa as in the past", and started. Other than all of executive committees, all of local Little League team and Isogo technical high schools participated, too and cut grass with cleaning of river bank on that day.
Fortunately, weather was good, too and learned comfortableness when we entered river. We heard that garbage had more downstream parts of cleaning area, but there was little garbage, and water was beautiful, and the upper classes region that we took charge of thought whether it was result that, after all, it was cleaned regularly than we thought.
Would everybody like to participate in future as there is cleaning activity in other rivers? We think that we can taste sense of accomplishment.

May 23, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

We participated in Hino contact Festival!

How did you spend 10 consecutive holidays when the name of an era turned from Heisei to Reiwa?
I participated in "Hino contact child festival" held on April 27 (holiday) that was the first day in consecutive holidays.
Carp streamer that there was many swam to step over Taipei, Konan park which became venue by cloudy sky, but it began to rain in approximately one hour after beginning and we were on the way and were called off on that day.
However, fortunately, we could see exercises of children of a cold nursery school in spring, and, in the tender inside, height of athletic capability of children watched and was surprised. On the other hand, on seeing figure that all of Hinominami junior high school brass band club which waited loaded musical instrument onto truck in rain, I was really sorry without listening to performance. So orchid dance of Hino Elementary School is ... in what we wanted to see, too
Though all of each Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations pitches tent and we are fired up from morning and prepared for refreshment stand sale, we are afraid that we have remained unsold.

We will report at any time from now on as we want to share event and activity of local everybody with inhabitants of a ward.

May 10, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Greetings of Director General appointment

All of you, nice to meet you of inhabitant of a ward.
It is ima* (we see now) Yuichiro (Yuichiro) who took office as Konan Director General on April 1.
We are very honored and think that Konan Ward became Director General in year of knot reaching the constituency system 50th anniversary to be. It runs out for a really nice word that your approach that is going to enliven the 50th anniversary in all local was able to increase.

Theme of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system is in "♥ oldness and Konan full of love". We will succeed "greetings" such thought that "we watch" "assisting" and widen ring of much "love" (we meet) and want to connect in the future well.

According to the public awareness investigation, number that ratio is high most in all wards in Konan-ku of person feeling attachment in ward to live appears in 2018. We took up our new post, and it was of quite a recent date, but it was strongly felt, and thought, "at first, to do that there was in area by oneself" has understood in findings unintentionally when we talked with local people.

We went round the wards a little by bicycle promptly. There is terminal full of many people, and there is quiet residential area, and there is park where trees grew thick. We are excited at being able to be going to be with various places of inhabitant of a ward who is full of local love in town having such an a variety of faces.
As we will make every possible effort towards "town which we are safe, and anyone can live for well in peace" to make with collaboration with local all of you, your Konan Ward would be highly appreciated.

April, 2019
Konan Director General Yuichiro Imatomi

Konan Ward management responsibility job all members

Management responsibility job group photo
It is Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Katsuhiro Mabuchi Health and Welfare Center long Hiroshi Yamada Director General Yuichiro Imatomi vice-Director General Noriko Saito engineering works desk work director Kiyoshi Ibuka fire chief Yasuko Kanai from the left

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