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Contribution to "sunflower open space" for public information Yokohama Konan Ward

Last update date April 8, 2019

To everybody posted in "sunflower open space" for public information Yokohama Konan Ward

"Sunflower open space" is for public information Yokohama Konan Ward of issuance every month for one day and is corner to tell about events that inhabitants of a ward hosts.
When you wish to publish, after checking the next publication standard, please submit contribution paper by the contribution deadline.
In addition, we consider that it was agreed to the next publication standard when contribution paper is submitted.

Publication standard

Person who can publish

Individual of residence, working in ward or representatives such as groups

Publication verboten

In any of each next issue, we do not accept publication.

  1. When holding place and activity place of event are not public facility, places in Konan Ward
  2. When we come and lose a person's reputation and might insult
  3. When it is false contents clearly
  4. When it is contents about politics, religion
  5. When it is commercial purpose
  6. When we intended for all city limits
  7. When we intended only for some areas in ward
  8. When there is mention of the same contents within the past six months
  9. When it is content to violate other laws and ordinances

Publication month

Thing (thing of free-for-all on that day) which does not need prior application

The date publishes thing until 10th in the next month from issuance 11 days a month.

Thing which needs prior application

[in the case of first-come-first-served basis] The reception desk start date publishes thing until 10th in the next month from issuance 11 days a month.
[in the case of lottery] Cut-off publishes thing until 19th in the next month from issuance 20 days a month.


  1. Because the space is limited, we may not publish when there is much number of contributions.
  2. We change notation and, in publication, may adjust.
  3. We publish article that we published in Konan Ward web page.

Contribution method

You fill out contribution paper, and it is fax, or please submit to Konan Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section directly.
It is 10th two months before the moon which you wish to publish in the contribution deadline (when 10th is closed day fastening in front agency day).
Example: When want to publish in June issue; April 10 (when 10th is closed day fastening in front agency day)

Flow after contribution

We examine the right or wrong of publication in editorial conference for public information Yokohama Konan Ward. When it becomes impossible of publication, we contact on the telephone and ask for proofreading when publication becomes possible. But please note that you do not publish article when there is not return and cannot cooperate with proofreading by designated time limit when publication becomes possible either.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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Konan Ward General Affairs Department Ward Administration Promotion Division

Telephone: 045-847-8321

Telephone: 045-847-8321

Fax: 045-846-2483

E-Mail address [email protected]

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