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Distribution of "public information Yokohama"

Last update date June 20, 2019

About public information paper

We issue "public information Yokohama" by every form that integrated Konan Ward version and "Yokohama-shi version" for one day a month.
Information to place in "Konan Ward version" is announcement after 11th of issuance moon.
"News (the outside site) of the prefecture" that Kanagawa issues is issuance every month for one day.
Public information paper "news of Yokohama City Council from Yokohama assembly" is published by May, September, November, February.

About delivery of public information paper

We distribute public information paper "public information Yokohama" and public information paper "letter of the prefecture" of Yokohama-shi of Kanagawa to your homes by the next method.

We distribute through Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations

Through Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, we distribute to reach each family every month by 10th.
We send public information paper to person in charge of public information paper distribution of each Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations by the last day of the issuance moon previous month.

When it does not reach each family by 10th

Ask the public information paper distribution person in charge of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations.

We distribute through public information distribution group

We make case such as area to live not having Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, around 20 households of unities and register group which had you decide the representative as "public information distribution group".
To person in charge of representative, distribution, we send public information paper by the last day of the issuance moon previous month.
We distribute to reach from person in charge of representative, distribution to every each family of group by ten days a month.

When it does not reach each family by 10th

Ask representative, the distribution person in charge of public information distribution group.

We distribute by having registration of individual distribution

Area to live does not have Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and distributes to case such as not being able to form public information distribution group again, each family individually.

We are available from "Yokohama-shi PR box"

Other than Konan Ward government office, we arrange in "Yokohama-shi PR box" installing in public space where there are many use of inhabitant of a ward facility, railroad station in Konan Ward, civic use including bank for the beginning in each month.

Setting place of around Kami-Ooka Station (including Serigaya)
  • Kami-Ooka Station service counter in the city hall
  • Higashinagaya district center (community care plaza)
  • Kamiooka community house
  • Serigaya community care plaza
  • Konan inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center
  • Konan international exchange lounge
  • Bank of Yokohama Kamiooka Branch
  • Yokohama Shinkin Bank Kamiooka Branch
  • Keikyu Kami-Ooka Station
  • Subway Kami-Ooka Station
Setting place of around Konan-Chuo Station (including bamboo grass bottom)
  • Konan district center
  • Konan sports center
  • Sakuramichi community house
  • Konan Ward Council of Social Welfare
  • Kusaka community care plaza
  • Subway Konan-Chuo Station
Setting place of around Kami-Nagaya Station (including Nobacho)
  • Noba district center
  • Nagatani district center
  • Kaminagaya community house
  • Higiriyama community house
  • It is community house for Noba bell
  • Shimonagaya community care plaza
  • Konan library
  • Lower Noba sports hall
  • The Bank of Yokohama Noba branch
  • Bank of Yokohama Kaminagaya Branch
  • Yokohama Shinkin Bank Kaminagaya Branch
  • Subway Kami-Nagaya Station
  • Subway Shimo-Nagaya Station
Setting place around Konandai Station
  • Konandai service counter in the city hall
  • Konandai district center
  • Konandai community house
  • Hinominami community house
  • Hinominami community care plaza
  • Konandai community care plaza
  • Welfare center for the old Horai-so
  • Yokohama Takashimaya Dept.Store Konandai shop
Distribution place except Konan Ward
  • Totsuka Station service counter in the city hall
  • Yokohama Station service counter in the city hall
  • Yokohama City Hall citizen information center

To Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, all of the public information distribution groups asking for distributing

    We appreciate your distributing public information Yokohama.
    We would like notification of change early to send smoothly.
    When it does not arrive toward the person in charge of distribution by the end of previous month, please contact.
    Please contact every change of person in charge of distribution (the destination) by ten days a month.
    We can deliver the next month issue to provide at the end of the month to the new destination.
    ※In the case of celebration holiday, 10th becomes until 1 open agency day.
    ※Item which has you send:

    • Group name
    • Person in charge of old distribution name
    • Person in charge of new distribution name, Address, Phone number
    • New shipping address Address
    • The distribution number of copies

    Inquiry to this page

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