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Garbage 3R dream slim total discharge target dispatch lecture/off site lecture

Last update date July 10, 2018

Promotion of Yokohama 3R dream plan

■Yokohama 3R dream plan (wastes processing basic plan)

We collaborate with all of citizen, the companies, and, let alone classification, recycling, go ahead through approach of "reducing" (outbreak restraint) easiest for environment, and Yokohama 3R dream plan (January, 2011 development) is reduction of environment load and effectively utilizing and plan for the purpose of security of resources, energy.
(we link to page of Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau.)

■Aim (2016) of Konan Ward

○Aim of total discharge (the gross weight of garbage and resources)

We assume 625 grams (-54 grams of 2009 ratios) per inhabitant of a ward alone 1st.
☆48,958 tons a year of total discharges

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○Action target

By carrying out 3R (reducing reuse recycling) thoroughly, reduce garbage.
<< aim 1 >> Reduction of food loss
<< aim 2 >> Thorough drainer
<< aim 3 >> Drying of the pruning branch and grass
★We accept dispatch lecture/off site lecture.

Targeting at various places (even as for small number of people, possible) such as Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations or apartment Residential Association, the staff of ward office, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau goes on a business trip and will explain summary and garbage of 3R dream plan and separation, how to put out resources.
If you like, please contact ward office Resources Reuse Promotion or Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau Konan office (telephone 045-832-0135).

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