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At the time of disaster possess, and is distributing pet notebook!

Last update date July 11, 2018

We distribute pet notebook at disaster!

Disaster pet notebook(PDF: 429KB)

We made "disaster pet notebook" for owners of pets such as dog or cat.
We list preparations, mental attitude at the time of disaster, and this notebook establishes entry columns such as contact information of characteristic, health condition and owner of pet raising, and it is contents which are helpful in the case of emergency.

Everyday preparations for disaster

Storage of 1 pets goods
2 health care
Discipline from around 3rd
Clear statement of 4 owners (contact information)

Main distribution place

Animal hospital (member of Konan Ward veterinarian society) in ward, disaster drill in evacuation shelter, Konan Ward government office Health Sanitation Division (the fifth-floor 51st window)


[PDF]Disaster pet notebook (PDF: 429KB)

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