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About 2020 Konan Ward book-reading activities promotion lecture

Konan library cooperates with Konan Ward government office and holds lecture for book-reading activities promotion.

Last update date December 9, 2020

Konan Ward book-reading activities promotion lecture "like - about getting familiar with - animal painter, Masayuki Yabuuchi on thing"

Such as "function of tail" "how mother of hitting" Masayuki Yabuuchi who is known in picture book and soe. Do you not hear many episodes of painter who has deep love, and continued drawing animals? We display the original picture on that day.

The date and time: Saturday, November 28, 2020
From 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (the opening: at 1:30 p.m.)
★Until 4:00 p.m., you can see display of the original picture and book concerned.
Object: Working, attendance at school resident in Yokohama-shi
Venue: Konan Ward the sixth floor of the government office 601.602 meeting room
Lecturer: Ryuta Yabuchi ("Masayuki Yabuuchi Museum" director
Capacity: 70 (in the case of a lot of application, we draw lots)

★We mail lottery result by Monday, November 16.
Application method: Postcard or electronic application application form (the outside site)
The postcard items mentioned: Lecture name, full name (furigana), zip code, Address,
Phone number (contact information leading to Japan and China),
The number of people, full name (all the members) of family of same household to be accompanied by
★Child who is younger than fourth grader is protector companion. On the day there is not childcare.
Application period: From Monday, October 12, 2020 to Friday, November 6 (must arrive)

Application: Konan Ward Regional Promotion Division (〒 233-0003 4-2-10, Kounan, Kounan-ku, Yokohama-shi)

Entrance fee: Free of charge

As we adopt new coronavirus infection preventive measures and carry out, cooperation, please for mask wearing, finger disinfection, thermometry. In addition, please confirm the latest information on our homepage as there is possibility to cancel depending on the future situation.

Held report

Lecture had application more than twice the capacity and had you participate toward about 70 people.

It was son, and, through many episodes, Ryuta Yabuchi that it was in directors of Masayuki Yabuuchi art museum there talked while interlacing the exchanges of letter with researcher or editor which there was of interchange whether Masayuki Yabuuchi was interested in animal how in lecture, and way to animal painter was traced by the enthusiasm by being connected, and meeting people.
Masayuki Yabuuchi that thought "that animal liked" was connected in interest of "how do you draw animal?" and stuck to the way and was played an active part as animal painter. Of "like getting familiar with on thing" felt meaning of title again.
In venue, listeners listened attentively eagerly, and figure which had its memo stolen was impressive.

For display of a little less than 20 points of original pictures and book which Masayuki Yabuuchi was drawn, many people watched the original picture and picked up book.
Triggered by this lecture, many people get close to book more and would appreciate your picking up book.
Thank you, all of you who had you apply, everyone, who had you arrive.

You can see the original pictures of Yabuuchi on homepages (the outside site) of Masayuki Yabuuchi Museum.
A lot of books of Masayuki Yabuuchi are possessed in Konan library and loan.
At the same time, please use.

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