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Takeout & delivery Yokohama [Konan Ward version] was updated (94 stores register now)

~ which began introduction of restaurant which performed ~ takeout (take-out), delivery (delivery to home, home delivery of cooked foods)

Last update date January 15, 2021

We introduce restaurant performing takeout (take-out) and delivery (delivery) in ward

We introduce in restaurant in Konan Ward which ⾏ is by service of take-out and delivery to all of ward ⺠ refraining from going out itself and going out to distant place by infection spread of new coronavirus. You use store of neighborhood and ask you to last with non-pivot non-sudden going out near at hand.

・Takeout & delivery Yokohama [Konan Ward version] (PDF: 993KB)
※Among stores published in "takeout & delivery Yokohama", we introduce store in ward.
※Information placing is thing as of January 4. About publication store, we update at any time.
※As we may be changed by the situation about information of store, on ri ⽤, we would appreciate your confirmation on telephone or homepage.

To restaurant owners

Registration application method to takeout & delivery Yokohama

Takeout and delivery in Yokohama-shi make done store list to support restaurant in the severe situation by infection spread of new coronavirus and introduce.
Owner of restaurant carrying out takeout and delivery, please register by all means. Registration to list of "takeout & delivery Yokohama" stores is free.
If it is store performing takeout and delivery, without Store Association participation, non-member relations, anyone can propose.
Takeout & delivery Yokohama (Yokohama-shi Economic Affairs Bureau homepage)
※When you see registration by restaurant owner and store information of whole Yokohama-shi, please use this Economic Affairs Bureau homepage.

Publication method of photograph to takeout & delivery Yokohama [Konan Ward version]

On homepage of Konan Ward, we match with registration information and publish photographs such as menus.
If there is photograph which you can offer, please send photograph data to [email protected] by E-mail.
※As there is limit (eyes cheap 10㎇) of capacity in photograph that receiving is possible, please be careful.
※Photograph assumes principle, 1-2 pieces. Possibility that we can still less publish depending on case and contents with much number of sheets
Please note that there is this.

Please being careful when we perform takeout and delivery

It is point wanting you to be careful to prevent food poisoning by takeout and delivery and one which we gather up about consultation happening quite often when we begin takeout and delivery newly, and confirmation, please.
・To prevent food poisoning by takeout and delivery (PDF: 313KB)

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