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About process of baby food

We introduce process of baby food.

Last update date November 18, 2020

Well, let's begin baby food

We begin with rice porridge which is in condition to have ground smoothly.
It will prevent you from putting up fruit juice and ion drink before beginning rice porridge.

Indication to begin

  • Neck nosuwarigashikkarishite roll-over is possible
  • We can sit down more than five seconds
  • We come to rarely push with tongue even if we put spoons in the mouth
  • We show interest in food


Point of hygiene side

  • Let's wash hand before cooking.
  • Food will heat up by all means. There is much bacteria in soil. Let's use vegetables with soil after washing well by all means.
  • It will prevent you from putting up leftover.
  • As it is small amount in the beginning, we subdivide 3 batches and can cryopreserve.                                             Let's put up on this occasion after cooling thing which we reheated well.
  • Honey prevents you from putting up until you are over 1 year old for the baby/infant botsurinusu symptom prevention.
  • We wash kitchen utensil and tableware such as kitchen knife, cutting board neatly, and let's sterilize.

The early period of weaning (six months from five months after birth)

Purpose is to be used to swallowing baby food, taste and taste.
We put up once a day. (after baby food, we put up mother's milk or milk for childcare.)

Mother's milk or milk for childcare will raise wanting along lactational rhythm.
Tongue moves back and forth. It is aim that shut jitegokkunto swallows lips.

Start of weaning begins with rice porridge (rice).
Let's try vegetables, tofu, whitefish, hard-boiled egg yolk which we did which we ground if getting used.
At start time of weaning, seasoning is not necessary.

Cooking form

State that we ground smoothly

[video] Recommended how to make: We lose using earthenware mortar and crush

[video] How to get bonito kombu soup stock


We incline some postures of baby behind.
We wait for to ride spoon on the lower lip, and baby to be busy by oneself.
Spoon will use spoon (it is shallow, and width is narrow) for baby food.

[video] Of 5-6 months seem to eat

The weaning middle (eight months from seven months after birth)

Baby food makes twice a day and acquires life rhythm.
After baby food, we put up mother's milk or milk for childcare.
We assume grains (staple food), vegetables (vice-greens), fruit, protein-related food (main dish) meal which we put together.

Movement of tongue goes up and down from before and after.
We crush with tongue and upper jaw, and let's make morbidezza which we can eat.
We put spoon on the lower lip and pull straight spoon if upper lips are closed.

Cooking form

Hardness to be able to ruin with tongue

[video] Recommended how to make: We ruin fault using fork

[video] How to make tomato-simmered whitefish

[video] How to make chicken white meat and turnip simmered with Yoshino


We put spoon for flat baby food on the lower lip and wait for upper lips to be closed.
We come to be able to crush with tongue and upper jaw.

[video] Of 7-8 months seem to eat

Last part of weaning (11 months from nine months after birth)

We put up thing of hardness to be able to ruin with the gums.
Baby food makes three times a day.
After baby food, we put up mother's milk or milk for childcare.

Tongue comes to move from side to side, and food comes to be ridden on the gums.
We do to size that it is easy to crush with the gums without vegetables cooking softly, and cutting too many finely.

We become able to eat grasp. Let's prepare thing of length that we are easy to have.
By touching, and making food, experience the feel and is connected by interest and self-will to food for action that we are going to eat.

[video] We eat grasp and start

Even if there is feeling to want to eat, it does not readily go well, and the circumference becomes dirty, and tidying up is serious.
But we spread newspaper and leisure sheets on floor, and let's survive as it is few periods.

We will begin exercise of glass drink.
We often spill the beginning, but gradually improve.
Adult supports glass, and by mouthful will start from exercise to accept.

[video] We challenge baby food glass drink

Cooking form

Hardness to be able to ruin with the gums

[video] How to make baby food and straw or meatballs


It is time to learn form and the touch of various food by palm and finger.
Therefore we often catch food in front and are seen.
It will prevent such a movement from stopping.

[video] Of 9-11 months seem to eat

Completion of weaning

We come to be able to chew food with form, and completion of weaning is to become able to consume most of energy and the nutrient from food except mother's milk or milk for childcare.
As thing same as adult is not meaning that we can eat, extension and thought of baby food are light-seasoned, and let's do in easy-to-eat form until around 3 years old.

As meal becomes three times a day and has free time, we give thing which followed onigiri and meal including fruit as snacks between meals 1 to 2 times a day.
Mother's milk or milk for childcare accepts progress of baby food, the situation of completion, but can drink milk when over 1 year old.

In addition, nursing bottle graduates and will use glass.
We practice eating, and dabbling in grasp with front tooth, and taking how to eat and learn small quantity and come to use tool for meals such as spoon or fork before long.
We bite big, soft thing well and will take.

Pumpkin rice, vegetable sticks photograph of omelette, carrot and cucumber of salmon
Pumpkin rice, vegetable sticks of omelette, carrot and cucumber of salmon

Indication of process

The early period of weaning explained in turn, but is image such as lower table when we make list.
To growth of child, we may go ahead slowly.

Table of process of baby food

Other information

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