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Pediatric care payment

Last update date July 12, 2019

Object of system

As for the applicable person, medical expenses is helped next.

▽Inquiry/Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section, the fourth floor of the ward office 40th window, telephone: 045-847-8410

Pediatric care payment
Target illness
※ Please refer for the details.
Eligible peopleRemarksName of system
The limbs inconvenience (congenital dislocation of the hip, spinal cord-related polio), cleft palate, seeing and hearing disorder (squint), cardiac disorders, kidney disorder, inborn character-related internal organs disorders (when accompanied by operation)
(person treated for designated medical institution)
Under 18 years oldThere is self-pay by incomeUpbringing medical care
Tuberculosis, osteoarticular tuberculosis (person receiving hospital care with designated medical institution)Under 18 years oldThere is self-pay by incomeNursing medical care
Babies of birth growth immaturity
(person receiving hospital care with designated medical institution)
Newborn babyThere is no self-pay in thing of insurance applicationNurture medical care
Internal secretion disease, diabetes, congenital metabolism abnormality, malignant neoplasm, chronic renal disease, chronic respiratory illness, chronic heart trouble, collagenosis, blood disorder such as hemophilia, nerve, muscular disorderUnder 18 years old
(we update to under 20 years old and extend)
There is self-pay by incomeSpecific childhood chronic disease medical care

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Telephone: 045-847-8410

Telephone: 045-847-8410

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