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Child care child, home support consultation

Last update date October 1, 2020

It is consultation counter about children from swaddling bands to the schoolchild period, puberty.

At such time, please feel free to contact.

"Are the breast and milk enough?."
"Discipline of pee and shit should do what"
"Words seem to be slow."
What "beat friend immediately, and bite."
"We are often irritated these days and seem to be hard on child."
"It is restless, and there is often trouble of friend."
"We cannot say that we think to teacher and friend well."
"We are apt to take a rest without wanting to go to school."
"We become often alone without letting join."
"Only rebellious words come back."
"Hair and clothes change suddenly and are playing till late."
"We are troubled with things of learning, course, person of the opposite sex."

Member of counselor at school, Education Counseling, health nurse, nursery staff provides consultation in telephone and interview.

Free of charge. Silence.
Counselor at school needs reservations.

Consultation counter, inquiry

Children and Families Support Division school cooperation, child charge
Konan Ward the fourth floor of the government office 40th window
Telephone: 045-847-8439

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Konan Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

Telephone: 045-847-8410

Telephone: 045-847-8410

Fax: 045-842-0813

E-Mail address [email protected]

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