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Child care consultation newborn baby visit

Last update date July 12, 2018

Child care consultation

The first baby

In Yokohama-shi, we perform the mother and the child visit instruction (free) by obstetrical teachers for the purpose of various consultation about childcare and recovery promotion of mother's body targeting at first baby and mothers.
We perform visit after hope, but may visit after contacting by state of baby and mother when it is not hoped.

Consultation after later-born

Please contact Health and Welfare Center whether person wanting newborn baby visit fills in hope on birth contact vote in children after later-born.

Submission of birth contact vote

As birth contact vote conjugates for Health and Welfare Center business such as visits, please submit to Health and Welfare Center of ward to live after the birth as soon as possible.

Child care consultation

We perform consultation about child care in telephone and interview and home visit. Please consult casually.

<an example of consultation contents>
Is the breast enough?
We are afraid whether it is good in child care, this first
We feel slow in words
It is awkward that there is not calm

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Telephone: 045-847-8410

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