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What child dream world to ask for

Last update date June 26, 2020

With what child dream world to ask for

"What child dream world to ask" for is event holding for the purpose of healthy upbringing of the young people every year that area different generation interchange to be able to put and children who by providing international place of exchange, carry the next generation pay more attention to community and the world and to bring up wide field of vision and independence, originality and grow up in good health.

We cancel normal holding of what child dream world to ask for this year

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, it was decided to cancel normal holding of what child dream world to ask for this year.
All of you who were looking forward to the day, everyone, who examined branch, appearance are very sorry.
It is not possible in some another form or it follows by member of practice fair and, for all of you looking forward to this festival, will consider.
New coronavirus infectious disease converges as soon as possible, and executive committee all members sincerely hope that everyday life returns to all of you.

We raise branch group, appearance groups! (for extended prevention of ※ new model coronavirus infectious disease, it was called off.)

Offer contents

 ※In the case of a lot of application, all draw lots
①Branch group (group which is not aimed for profit)
 Refreshment stand, game for children
 ※Group priority in ward. It costs branch expense including tent charges
②Stage appearance group
 Musical instrument performance, dance, chorus
 Object: Group where is younger than high school student of residence, attendance at school in ward
 ※Appearance time is less than ten minutes including preparations, tidying up


Saturday, November 7 from 10:00 to 15:00


Konan Fureai Park (getting off at subway Konan-Chuo Station) others


By Thursday, June 25 for each offer contents in double postal card other than group name, Address, full name, Phone number, return address of representative,
①This is branch contents, having offer or not of food
②This writes appearance contents, appearance time
To ward office youth development charge (〒 233-0003 Konan 4-2-10)


What the child dream world executive committee secretariat which asks
(ward office youth development charge, Phone: 045-847-8396 FAX: 045-842-8193)

We publish held report of 2019!

We had the clear cause, many customers arrive on November 2 and were able to carry out event.
All of you who had you arrive, all of you who had you cooperate, thank you very much.
As we will publish held report, please see after downloading from the following.
What child dream world 2019 holding report (PDF: 2,018KB) to ask for

We introduce brochure of dream world in 2019!

What child dream world 2019 to ask for
Brochure downloading (PDF: 2,039KB)
Held summary

On the date

It is 3:00 p.m. from 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 2, 2019
※Executing the event on a light rainy day
※Held confirmation from 8:00 of the day
[Yokohama-shi call center]
Telephone 045-664-2525, FAX045-664-2828


Konan Fureai Park (Konan 4-2)


What child dream world executive committee which asks


Konan Ward government office

The support

Keikyu Department Store, shakaifuku*hojinshinaikai, Tokyo gasuekomo, Pau, Yachiyo Tolly,
It is Konanchuo, Asahi Soft Drinks sale Yokohama Nanshi shop, Kikushima, Shonan traffic, Sotetsu building management Konan office, Hinode shop building stones shop, life engine, Konan Ward child fair notification meeting, Konan Ward alliance Chairperson Machiuchi notification meeting, Nomura Real Estate Development life & sports company MEGALOS Kaminagaya in NTT East Japan - South Kanto Kanagawa Branch, the southern part of nonprofit foundation Kanagawa association of residential land building business Yokohama Branch, educational foundation Kanto Gakuin nobinobinoba garden, kabushikikaishaseisui*ekisha, Takamori, TSUKUI Corporation Tsukui Yokohama Konan, T & S, basic construction, educational foundation sincerity Sakae school Noba St. Kei kindergarten, the RENAISSANCE Inc. Sports Club & spa Renaissance


What the child dream world executive committee secretariat which asks
(ward office youth development charge, telephone 847-8396 FAX842-8193)

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Konan Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division youth development charge

Telephone: 045-847-8396

Telephone: 045-847-8396

Fax: 045-842-8193

E-Mail address [email protected]

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