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Dream support lecture of child

※We published held report.

Last update date February 14, 2020

Change to dream support lecture ... specific o pride of child; and ...


We work as member of society while facing the development obstacle, and, through experiences of child care of Mayumi Koyanagi who is performance and mother of Takuto Koyanagi working on activity in performance, ❝ child has dream and is opportunity when it thinks about anything ❞ to live lively and lecture to do.


From Monday, February 3, 2020 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 (the 10:30 a.m. opening)


Konan inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center "village of sunflowers" (1-6-1, Kamiookanishi, Kounan-ku)

Entrance fee

Free of charge

Held report

"We changed to specific o pride" and were the most this title itself.
While is developmental disability, but, in process that changed to "pride" by having accepted "is specific" of reason while being troubled as mother, Mayumi Koyanagi uses PowerPoint; lecture. We seemed to talk rather than lecture and were easy to hear the gentle talk tone, and everybody sometimes listened attentively with smile while sometimes nodding.
And powerful, kind piano performance of son, Takuto Koyanagi entering between lectures of Mayumi who is mother sounds through mind.
There may be much Takuto who watched at hand reflected in projector.
By piano accompaniment of Mayumi, we showed flute on that day. Beautiful tone of flute sounding through concert hall of village of sunflowers…. It became unforgettable.
All the members almost replied questionnaire, and visit had impression that hot thought stayed with "very good" comment a lot.
All of the visits, thank you very much.

It is program of the day.

On the day it is extracted than visitors questionnaire

・We got goose bumps in figure to play happily powerfully of Takuto. There was impression more than expected.
・We were overwhelmed to piano. We heard why you were impressed that all were drawn into his performance in the way that you cried while thinking about such a thing. It was very good.
・To hear wonderful story that we found each pride and could connect to confidence and could live lively, we returned to house and wanted to be able to find pride of child.
・About the future of child, we had a feeling that we seemed to be able to face each other brightly.
・We could see only in now of son, but we saw Koyanagis and thought that we saw hope.
・Understanding deepened about autism, developmental disability.
・We listened to performance and talk being alternation for concentration very pleasantly.
・As picture at hand was reflected, we could watch handling of delicate finger and were very good.

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