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Sunflower interchange

Konan Ward and mutual interchange of Osaki-shi, Miyagi

Last update date September 8, 2020

Announcement of sunflower life experience-based interchange - offer cancellation ... of 2020

It is "sunflower life experience interchange" carried out in summer, but cancels offer under the influence of new coronavirus infection spread this year every year.
All of the elementary school student looking forward to, I'm sorry.
We are looking forward to being able to see everybody with smile next year.

We will let flower "sunflower" of ward bloom! ... which ships seeds of ... sunflower ※Distribution of kind this year was finished. Thank you, all of you whom we brought up!

Seeds of sunflower arrived from Osaki-shi, Miyagi that interchanged through sunflower this year. We distribute this species to everybodies. We let you bloom a lot, and let's do the town of Konan Ward well more brightly.
※This sunflower grows up into size like height.

Distribution day

From Monday, April 20

Distribution method

As a general rule, with emergency declaration official announcement, we will mail species. (limited this year)
If you like, please inform of "business (request for seeds of sunflower distribution), the name, Address" in telephone, FAX or Email.
I send one bag.

Contact information

Konan Ward government office Regional Promotion Division youth development charge
Telephone: 045-847-8396
FAX: 045-842-8193
Email: [email protected]
※We distribute at the fifth floor of the ward office 54th window.

The number of the distribution

200 people (the first arrival), one one bag (around 40)

About association of sunflower interchange, sunflower interchange

For the purpose of "breeding of oldness and consciousness" of local everybody including children and local activation, healthy upbringing of the young people, Sanbongi, Osaki-shi sunflower interchange association and Konan Ward sunflower interchange association of Miyagi perform mutual interchange "sunflower interchange".
Sunflower interchange reached the interchange 30th anniversary in 2018.

←Mascot character of association of Konan sunflower interchange that was born in commemoration of the interchange 30th anniversary
Chicken Japanese great tit "titto" of ward

What kind of place is Osaki-shi?

1 city and 6 towns (including Sanbongi-cho) located in the northwestern part of Miyagi merged Osaki-shi and were born.
Plains that are full of crops called "Osaki tilled soil" spread out in the city, and production of rice is prosperous. In December, 2017, agriculture of Osaki area was authorized to "world agriculture inheritance".

It is position figure of Osaki-shi. Osaki-shi is located in the northwestern part of Miyagi.
Osaki-shi position figure

We distribute "Osaki encouraging guidebook" at the first floor of the ward office first window, the fifth-floor 54th window.
Check it out!
In addition, as for the detailed information of others Osaki-shi, please see the following link.

How has interchange begun to be?

Himawarino-oka (Osaki-shi)

In the late 50s of the Showa era, Osaki-shi (former Sanbongi-cho) started sunflower cultivation by change of crops, and full-scale cultivation in Himawarino-oka began in 1987. (420,000 sunflowers bloom every year now.)
Because Yokohama citizen who visited this Himawarino-oka told that flower of Konan Ward was sunflower to the former Sanbongi-cho staff, interchange through sunflower began.

We held friendship meeting held in Konan Ward in February, 1989 and visited festival in spring when Konan Ward was held in former Sanbongicho in April, 1989, and we brought mini-sunflower 200 bowl, and Osaki-shi participated in Yokohama exhibition (Konan inhabitant of a ward day) in June, and intervisitation was performed.

Furthermore, Konan Ward elementary school student experienced homestay in Sanbongi in August of the year and deepened interchange for Sanbongi Elementary School elementary school student experiencing homestay in Konan Ward in March in the next year.
Interchange that children visited mutually continued until 1998, but performed interchange that adult of various local action groups visited mutually from 1999 to 2005 as the choice of acceptance became difficult.

Afterwards, with former Sanbongi-cho being merged with adjacent municipalities in 2006, and having become a part of "Osaki-shi", interchange for primary schoolchildren is revival. As "sunflower life experience-based interchange", we are following now.

What kind of interchanging one

The spread of flower sunflowers of ward


Sunflower is flower of ward and is symbol of Sanbongi, Osaki-shi, Miyagi.
Seeds of sunflower which is given every year from Osaki-shi to have this mutual symbol sunflowers have attachment,
We distribute to inhabitants of a ward or nursery school, elementary schools. (every year from April to May)

Sunflower life experience-based interchange

State of sunflower life experience-based interchange

Konan Ward and elementary school student of Osaki-shi visit mutually and, through accommodation experience of 3 days and 2 nights, experience each other's local charm and deepen interchange.

Sightseeing PR of Osaki-shi

Osaki-shi product exhibition (dream world)

Cooperation supports for product exhibition of Sanbongi, Osaki-shi sunflower interchange association opening a store to "what child dream world to ask" for held in November and sightseeing PR of Osaki-shi every year.

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Konan Ward General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division youth development charge

Telephone: 045-847-8396

Telephone: 045-847-8396

Fax: 045-842-8193

E-Mail address [email protected]

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