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Konan sunflower 83 (the bee sun) exercise

Last update date August 28, 2020

Of Konan sunflower 83 (the bee sun) exercise - child watch; ...

Bee Taro cleaning illustration

Bee Taro osampoirasuto

"Konan sunflower 83 exercise" is "exercise to watch" child who is easily born to anyone.
At time (around 8:00 and around 3:00) when primary schoolchild commutes to and from school including cleaning around walk and shopping, house go out positively!
Please watch warmly if you see children.
Come to know each other by sight, and exchange greetings; should be able to be related.
So that see, and ring of defense spreads through the whole area; ...

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Konan sunflower 83 (the bee sun) exercise enlightenment flyer

We commented on content of 83 campaign with comics-like clearly. Please inflect!

Flyer image

Konan sunflower 83 exercise flyer (PDF: 2,199KB)

83 (the bee sun) Taro coloring

It is coloring of 83 Taro. You print, and acquire color freely (^^)

Coloring ① image

83 Taro coloring ① (PDF: 123KB)

Coloring ② image

83 Taro coloring ② (PDF: 365KB)

83 (the bee sun) Taro illustrations

You see in everyday life, and please do defense♪

83 Taro outing diaries

The details are seen when we click title.

Outing diary (table of contents) of 83 Taro

Video shooting to see Konan sunflower leading dance


Konan sunflower leading dance person video


Radio exercises of Konan Ward seriousness

R1.10The best contact Festa in Hino

Summer festival Bon festival dance meet


Parent and child concert from 0 years old

R1.8Higashiserigaya enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance meet

We work on Serigaya south district greetings


We work on Serigaya district greetings

83 Taro who dances in Noba housing complex

We had you let shooting, me of "video which Konan sunflower leading dance looked" at of all of Noba housing complex fourth Neighborhood Association join!
We could dance "sunflower leading" with everybody good at dance and were very fun.
Camera was full, and shooting was very up to professional standard!
We look forward to seeing finished video…♪
We appreciate your having you call.

※Please see lower link about offer of video to see Konan sunflower leading dance※
Video which "beat" & which "danced" Konan sunflower leading

Bee sun Taro who dances Konan sunflower leading

We participated in shooting of "Konan sunflower leading dance person video".
Because we went out to various festivals to play last year and practiced,
Me, the left side of the stage was able to dance very much!
When wonderful dance of Mr. Tsukada, Mr. Ishibashi has you see dance of a lot of my spirit, we are glad.
…We want to dance next year on tower.

Bee sun Taro who is doing radio exercises

We participated in video shooting of "radio exercises of Konan Ward seriousness".
With Yamaguchi, Chairperson Fujita, Mayor Imatomi, we tried I mohonkide hard.
Though it was wrong a little, and I had too difficult movement,
We moved the body hard and were very comfortable.
We seem to get on YouTube!
Day to be able to go to meet everybody should come early.

The best contact festival image in Hino

We went to the best contact Festa in Hino.
At the time of opening ceremony, we had you introduce with Director General in front of many people. We were tense.
Did you learn 83 campaign, all?
Then, it has rained.
As I who am weak in rain returned to house, I am sorry that we do not get friend! We will be going again next year!

State of Bon festival dance

We went out to Bon festival dance meet of Konan Fureai Park to play.
We take photograph with all and play and….
There were a lot of children who wore yukata and jinhei. I want me, too.
We seem to be worried about all, needle of my buttocks…Do not pull because you have a pain.

Photograph of Kusaka enjoying the cool breeze festival

We went for enjoying the cool breeze festival of Kusaka district.
We take photograph with all and play and….
It was very glad that there was child who knew the name saying "it is bee Taro!".
I will go out a lot to have many people know 83 campaign more and yet more♪

Parent and child concert image from 0 years old

We appeared in parent and child concert.
We danced with "cappie ※" of "strawberry parfait" and koala.
Though we throbbed on the first stage, it was fun. There were a lot of babies, too and was pretty.
In addition, you should be able to appear♪
※Character of prevention of Yokohama-shi child abuse

Serigaya south greetings campaign photograph

We participated in greetings campaign of Serigaya south district.
We were glad that many primary schoolchildren gathered♪
All should learn 83 campaign with me.

Serigaya district greetings campaign image

We participated in Serigaya district greetings campaign.
While primary schoolchild attending school said hello, he/she gathered.
We somewhat feel uplifted when we say hello in loud voice.

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