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Nursery school consultation space situation entrance application

Last update date November 20, 2020

Nursery school, kindergarten, Yokohama nersery room, temporary childcare

2021 nursery schools about entrance procedure

☆It is limited to submission by principle mail about nursery school entrance application on April 1, 2021.

 ・It is addressed to the mailing address 〒 231-8350 City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau authorization, use adjustment desk work center

About usage guidance, application documents, please see City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau homepage.

Usage guidances toward the house are as follows in Konan Ward.
 Usage guidance (PDF: 484KB) for Konan Ward

Acceptance planned numbers every nursery school, age are as follows.
 Konan Ward acceptance planned number (PDF: 67KB)

★Lists such as 2021 nursery schools
 List of nursery schools (PDF: 3,406KB)

★List of 2021 kindergarten, Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care
 List of kindergartens (PDF: 3,875KB)

Visits society such as nursery school, kindergarten, briefing session

Visit society for admission, briefing session is carried out at each garden in April, 2021.
Please participate in garden that wish to enter a kindergarten.
※As we may be changed under the influence of new coronavirus, please let know to garden before participating.
List of visit meeting, briefing sessions such as nursery school, kindergarten (as of September 8, 2020) (PDF: 106KB)

Consultation "childcare, education concierge" of imprisonment of child

There is specialized counselor "childcare, education concierge" of childcare in Konan Ward government office. Please consult about imprisonment of child on trouble by all means! We perform "hatchi" (the outside site), business trip consultation in "appuppu" (the outside site).
Children and Families Support Division, the fourth floor of the ward office 40th window (when consultation is hoped for, please call beforehand as it needs reservations.)
Telephone: 045-847-8318 (17:00 from), 8:45 to remove on (New Year holidays, holiday for from Monday to Friday)

Please consult at such time. We inform of childcare service that each family had.
What "we want to work, but should leave child at where"
"What kind of place is nursery school?"
"We want to know the space situation of nursery school and Yokohama nersery room"
"We want to know difference between nursery school and kindergarten"

Facility leaving child is not only nursery school. There are various childcare services including kindergarten, Yokohama nersery room, homey childcare, temporary childcare. Please use service depending on the situation of home.

Of nursery school service in various ways (link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau.)

About point to keep in mind when use baby-sitters (link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau.)

The authorization nursery school

 Application for authorization nursery schools
Application for nursery school goes at any time, and closing date is until last month 10 of the moon which wish to enter. Application is possible by mail (when 10th is closed day fastening in front agency day.). In addition, we perform distribution of entrance guidance, application in the fourth floor of the ward office 40th window and Konandai and Kamiooka service counter in the city hall. We can download from the following.

Including nursery school entrance guidance, application (link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau.)
Lists of Konan Ward (PDF: 386KB) such as nursery schools
Is going to receive January 1, 2021; number (PDF: 126KB)


In facility based on School Education Act, we propose to kindergarten in admission directly.
In addition, in "Yokohama-shi custody childcare kindergarten" which Yokohama-shi authorized, we include long-time custody of 6:30 p.m. during closure period for long terms such as in summer vacation from 7:30 a.m. and carry out.
List of kindergarten, Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care of Konan Ward (PDF: 625KB)
★Page (we link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau.) of kindergarten search
Information for kindergarten custody childcare (Konan Ward) (PDF: 411KB)

Yokohama nersery room

It is main child-care facility which we intended for in 2 years old children from 0 years old child. For facility which met constant standard, Yokohama-shi authorizes and assists budget, and, at childcare time, childcare environment, childcare charges follow the authorization nursery school.
There is 1 garden in Konan Ward and, in the use, proposes to facility directly.

★Information for Yokohama nersery room
★Yokohama nersery room (Konan Ward) (the outside site)  Childcare center attached to Konandai heritage (the outside site)

Temporary childcare

We plan case that comes to have difficulty in childcare at home and cancellation of childcare anxiety of protector by part working or illness, hospitalization such as protectors temporarily, and childcare is system to take elementary school student to reduce burden at one time.

Information for temporary childcare (Konan Ward) (PDF: 248KB)

Other childcare business

Holiday childcare (we link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau.)
Illness child childcare (we link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau.)
Convalescence child childcare (we link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau.)
24 hours model urgent temporary childcare (we link to homepage of Child and Youth Bureau.)
Child care support system (the outside site)

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