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Last update date March 13, 2020

Vaccinations of child

As for the thing about routine immunization, please see Vaccinations (internal site) of child.

Pre-; examine; about vote

Is necessary for routine immunization; pre-; examine, and vote is mailed to home.
When it does not arrive even if we become target age, please refer at the following.
Vaccinations call center (Phone: 045-330-8561, FAX: 045-664-7296)
※Reception hours: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. But Saturday, Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays are excluded

In addition, as applicable person hands next at window, you have maternity record book and health insurance card of child, and come to Health Promotion Section (the fifth-floor 53rd window).
・Pre-; person who examined, and lost vote
・Person who moved into from the suburbs
※In the case of the city moving, you have; pre-; examine, and can just use vote. You correct printed Address, and please use.

About Cooperating Medical Institutions of Vaccinations

Please confirm Cooperating Medical Institutions of Vaccinations in Yokohama-shi cooperating medical institutions for vaccinations (internal site).

When we are vaccinated with medical institution of the suburbs regularly

When we are vaccinated with medical institution of the suburbs including homecoming childbirth regularly, prior application procedure is necessary.
For more details, please inquire whether you see (internal site) when we receive routine immunization with medical institution of the suburbs to Health Promotion Section (Phone: 045-847-8438, FAX: 045-846-5981).

Rubella addition measures business (the fifth commuter pass inoculation)

Targeting at men born by April 1, 1979 from April 2, 1962, we perform rubella addition measures business.
For more details, please see inoculation (internal site) for rubella addition measures business fifth fixed period.

Rubella Vaccinations and examinations 19 years or older of antibody

For people corresponding to any of the following in citizens 19 years or older, we carry out Vaccinations and antibody inspection of rubella to prevent outbreak of rubella and outbreak of congenital rubella syndrome in Yokohama-shi.
・Woman who hopes for the pregnancy
・Partner of woman who wish to become pregnant
・Partner of pregnant woman
※But it is not intended for person having inoculation career of measles rubella (MR) mixed vaccine or rubella alone vaccine more than twice.
※We cannot inoculate vaccine during the pregnancy.
※Marital status does not matter to partner.
For more details, please see rubella Vaccinations and examinations of antibody (internal site) 19 years or older.

Vaccinations of elderly person

Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine for adult

About eligible people, effective time, please see Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine Vaccinations (internal site) for adult.

Elderly person influenza

About eligible people, effective time, please see elderly person influenza (internal site).

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Telephone: 045-847-8438

Fax: 045-846-5981

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