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List of person with a disability area work places

List of local work places in Konan Ward

Last update date March 11, 2019

We go to work places, and at-home person with a disability performs activity, production activity of creating to be able to run everyday life, social life that became independent in the area.
※The order of the kana syllabary of name of a street

List of local work places in Konan Ward
Facility name Address Phone number, FAX number Workmanship

1-7-23, Okubo
The first floor of the Hasegawa Building

Telephone: 045-844-2950
FAX: 045-844-2952

Lunch production and sales, delivery, trust work, local cleaning,
Exercise, rekureshon

Work up Konan (the outside site)

1-14-11, Okubo
It is 101, Ooka in L charme

Telephone: 045-845-0409
FAX: 045-845-0551

Hand mop, strike atomic bomb, flower scrubbing brush, craft product

Pass center Kamiooka plaza 1-11-3, Kamiookanishi third the sixth floor of Taizo Building Telephone: 045-367-8666
FAX: 045-367-8655
Business etiquette, SST, various programs for qualification
Pass center Kamiooka 1-11-7, Kamiookanishi tenth the seventh floor of ovarubiru Telephone: 045-841-1130
FAX: 045-841-1131
PC, communication up, business etiquette, various programs for qualification
Smile studio Kamiooka 2-11-14, Kamiookanishi Telephone: 045-849-8838
FAX: 045-849-8839
Put box occasion, seal, ball-point pen assembling, data entry of PC
Working shift support center
Challenge field
4835, Kaminagayacho Telephone: 045-847-1290
FAX: 045-847-1290
Agriculture helper (field, stock raising, gardening), cleaning, weeding work
Challenge field
(working continuation type B office)

2-11-1, Kaminagaya
Izumi plaza 109, Kaminagaya

Telephone: 045-374-5944
FAX: 045-374-5944
Gardening (flower cultivation, sale, flower bed management), fruit tree (Bairin management, artefact sale), eco-cap classification, collection, cleaning (facility outward appearance)
omoro 2-22-22, Kaminagaya Telephone: 045-349-5655
FAX: 045-349-5656
Spare time support
Honey Bee (honey bee) Konan 2-33 - 17 Telephone: 045-841-1786
FAX: 045-353-9461
Dishcloth, felt, beads product, eco-scrubbing brush, Christmas (lease mini-tree), New Year holidays decoration, order work (motor parts assembling, information magazine distribution) to embroider
Person of Konanchuo local action home soyokazeno (the outside site) Konan 4-2-8 Telephone: 045-847-0230
FAX: 045-845-5610
Production and sales, cafe, ceramic art, field, cleaning of bread, life, exercise program (music, exercise, confectionery making, going out)
Pastel (the outside site) Konan 6-27 - 12 Telephone: 045-843-5837
FAX: 045-843-5839
Onigiri production and sales, recreation
Konan welfare home (sunflower) 7-25-22, Kounandai Telephone: 045-831-9441
FAX: 045-832-9337

Cloisonne ware product (pretty animal broaches), textile product (back, porch, silk scarf), other exercises, trips

Konan welfare home second sunflower 4-26-6, Kounandai Telephone: 045-834-3833
FAX: 045-834-3833

Production and sales (possible store, order sale, lapping) of additive-free cake,
Activity of spare time such as going out, trip, music classroom

Cut, but person of thing (the outside site) 9-28-3, Kounandai Telephone: 045-479-5572
FAX: 045-479-5573
Cake production and sales (pound cake, cookies), recreation
inaho Konan Chuo-dori 14-11 Telephone: 045-374-4572
FAX: 045-374-4573
Work, recreational activities such as the making of product, order product
Welby Kamiooka center The first floor of the most door 1-6-5 Matsunaga Building Telephone: 045-315-3273
FAX: 045-315-3274
PC, communication skill, business etiquette, resume making, preparations for employment including interview exercise
Learn Bamboo grass lower 3-11 - 14 clinic Building 3F Telephone: 045-353-9744
FAX: 045-350-8123

It is targeted for development people with a disability 18 years or older
Between ceramic art, the making of beads accessories, sports, the making of meal, order work, members have a meeting

Shalom Konan 4-3-5, Shimonagaya white shiny 202.203 Telephone: 045-443-6505
FAX: 045-443-6505
Delivery, posting of DM, box fold, cleaning, light work in factory, housework representation service
Flower road 3-23-17, Serigaya Telephone: 045-821-4388
FAX: 045-821-4388
Handicraft article (owl strap, seasonal goods), craft (oven ceramic art, seasonal goods), farm art (flower seedling, the making of vegetables, the stocking sale of potato, onion), flower arrangement sale, posting, assembling of motor parts
yunta 1-1-1-2F, Hino Telephone: 045-349-5223
FAX: 045-349-5224

Autistic eligible people
Work, spare time (outing, sports)

Oh, it is a cold ... hem 1-4-1, Hino Telephone: 045-350-2133
FAX: 045-350-3660
Field, posting, activity, relaxation of creating
Amatsuki 5-23-19, Hino Telephone: 045-845-7233
FAX: 045-845-7233
Picking, inspection, packing, shipment, input work
The Japan and China activity office A sum 8-31-13-201, Hino Telephone: 045-512-8982
FAX: 045-567-4957
Farm work in field
Konan local action home hino 8-21-12, Hino Telephone: 045-846-5784
FAX: 045-846-5784
Product (coaster) of saori texture, product (bookmark, key case, coin purse), hitorematto, madeleine of leather crafts
Jump 2-23-36, Hinochuuo Telephone: 045-370-8430
FAX: 045-370-8432
Contract work (we put work, enclosure, sealing, seal in occasion of paper-products, fabric article set, box fold, bagging, inspection, parts assembling), sale, cafe, handicrafts (quilting dishcloth, acrylic scrubbing brush, tissue case to embroider, ribbon strap, potpourri sachet) including bread cookies to produce
Cedar hinoki studio 2-25-1, Hinochuuo Telephone: 045-849-2633
FAX: 045-849-2634
Independence life activity, creation, expression activity, ceramic art, woodwork, napping the cotton, candle, bread cafe
House of the soyokaze south 3-1-11, Hinominami Telephone: 045-836-1801
FAX: 045-836-1813
Bread, cookies, tofu, cheesecake, cafe, cleaning, support (car washing, shopping representation)
Femme road Hinominami 6-14-10, Hinominami Telephone: 045-840-6606
FAX: 045-882-0151
A great variety of work including homepage update work, plan/production, design, flyer update work, print, occasion, posting work

There is work place to be looking for contract work

In person with a disability area work place, we undertake various work from all of the companies and, as training for working and social participation, work on work.
For all of the companies, it is chance appealing as approach of CSR (corporate social responsibility) as contribution to society to area through work.
Please contact ward office person with a disability support person in charge (Phone: 045-847-8459) if you can have interest toward ordering including contract work even a little.

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Telephone: 045-847-8454

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