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"Please watch obstacle understanding enlightenment poster warmly"

Last update date June 10, 2020

Obstacle understanding enlightenment poster about "please watch warmly"


Impaired person may take action that is hard to have other people understand from the obstacle properties.
"We want you to watch warmly" by having you know various actions that such an obstacle properties cause.
Konan Ward independence support meeting made poster while adopting opinion of the person concerned with such thought.
With poster, we explain various actions that impaired person takes clearly by soe of Konan Ward independence support meeting member own work "what kind of reason is there to take the action?".
In Konan Ward, we post including medical institution in ward with the cooperation of Yokohama municipal subway each station in ward and work on enlightenment of obstacle understanding through this poster.

About distribution of poster

We distribute at Konan Ward the fourth floor of the government office 41st window.
In addition, please consult to the following reference if there is request such as wanting to use in meeting of Neighborhood Association and various groups.

About use of poster data

When you have you use as the first edition about poster data, you may use freely.
[example prints the first edition and distributes by workshops. We print the first edition and post on bulletin boards]

But please contact the following reference beforehand by all means when it is used the second. We confirm about contents.
[we make public information thing for example cutting a part of poster data publishing poster data in public relations magazine of various groups]

Poster data downloading

Enlightenment poster
"Please watch obstacle understanding enlightenment poster warmly"

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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Telephone: 045-847-8446

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