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List of person with a disability group home

Last update date March 8, 2019

List of group home in Konan Ward

We live on small number of people such as person of one or apartment. We perform support in consultation or other everyday life for resident.
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Group home of Konan Ward
Group home nameAddress
Dandelion Shimonagaya1-35-12, Shimonagaya
Dolphin8-29-3, Hino
karetta637-2, Nobacho
ompu4-21-18, Serigaya
UkuleleKonan 5-2-6
Say; meet, and Konan says; meet; the south5-8-27, Kaminagaya
WAIWAI cooperative house676-4, Nobacho
Cooperative house blue sky7-24-25, Kounandai
Greenhill's soyokaze1-12-8, Hino
The Sun Field soyokaze first building, second-run movie theater2-23-7, Hino
Forrester soyokaze2-6-30, Hino
The Saint avenue soyokaze first building, second-run movie theaterKonan Chuo-dori 1-12

The Masago home first, the second

1-15-7, Kaminagaya
Dwelling Hanabusa5-12-22, Kaminagaya
South Hills KonanKonan 2-34-24

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Telephone: 045-847-8454

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