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Assist community-based welfare health planning area; network

Last update date July 17, 2018

Assist area; network


We assist community care plaza according to 15 district alliance Neighborhood Associations (district Council of Social Welfare) in the secretariat and, in Konan Ward, launch network with the goal of local problem solution for realization of "Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning" that we devised in March, 2006 and, also, we assist depending on the local situation and characteristic and work on community-based welfare activity with form except network.
We assist area, and network aims at approach for solution, development of community development of assisting from joint ownership of area problem as structure which group, group, company, individual carrying out the local welfare health practice can participate in casually, and we are made up mainly of local resident from correspondence to problems such as interchange to development of community-based welfare health planning according to district in setting of child care salon, the making of place to stay of junior high student, different generation, and community care plaza, kushakyo, ward office work by collaboration.

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Telephone: 045-847-8432

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