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Watch; approach of cooperation company

Last update date October 14, 2020

Watch; approach of cooperation company

Watch Konan Ward; approach of assisting

In Konan Ward, we push forward approach of "watching, and assisting" that it vary so that anyone lives in peace in area that lived so long.

[we watch Konan Ward "and assist image of the town of"]

Konan Ward made; watch; the surface of leaflet
Watch; leaflet (the surface)

Konan Ward made; watch; the back side of leaflet
Watch; leaflet (the back side)

Watch; with cooperation company

It is gentle shop and delivery, delivery companies which cooperate to watch triggered by "greetings" and "calling" in everyday living. All of companies notices slight change of local everybody and annoyance and is connected for town development by to have you perform calling, can assist together.

As of September 30, 2020, we have 353 companies cooperate.

Sticker which watches, and becomes mark of cooperation company
Watch; cooperation company sticker

We took in work of person with a disability local action platform gone to in "Konan welfare home" and made sticker!
"We watch, and this sticker is mark of cooperation company". In addition, we are doing at opportunity when you can see work of impaired person through sticker.

Of town watch, and communicate

We issue to watch, and to introduce voice of approach and cooperation company of cooperation company.

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