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Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning summary target

Last update date July 17, 2018

Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning


While administration collaborates with local various people such as local resident, company, NPO for various problems in life such as child care, health promotion, care to live a satisfying life in area that lived so long whether anyone is rich, what we work on by originality and invention that local, accorded is important. We devise community-based welfare health planning based on social welfare method Article 107 for such a community development.
In Konan Ward, anyone had pride toward password as member of community in "to let you live an everyday life" and, for realization of community which could live a life lively, devised the first plan as plan in 5 ka year for from 2006 to 2010.

<< five aims to advocate by Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning >>
[aim 1] Let's assist together
[aim 2] We mend imminent base
[aim 3] Let's send service necessary for necessary person
[aim 4] Let's live in good health lively
[aim 5] Let's bring up heart of the welfare

Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning

[PDF]The text (cover - 16 pages) (PDF: 987KB)
[PDF]Materials (17 pages - 24 pages) (PDF: 234KB)
[PDF]Appendix "let's go together! Imminent base (PDF: 2,685KB)
[PDF]The whole sentence (PDF: 3,890KB)
※About "ke" of "Hodogaya Ward", we use big "ke" in "the regulations (the regulations first, March 14, 1959 establishment) to determine position, name of setting of ward and office of ward and vicariate" of Yokohama-shi.
However, correction is difficult and publishes in the same form because we publish thing which we made by PDF by this "Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning". Thank you for your understanding.

Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning 2007 revised edition

[PDF]The text (cover - 16 pages) (PDF: 9,886KB)
[PDF]Materials (17 pages - 25 pages) (PDF: 6,294KB)
[PDF]The whole sentence (PDF: 16,255KB)

Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning 2010 action plan

[PDF]The text (cover - 10 pages) (PDF: 179KB)

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