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Plan according to district

Last update date June 8, 2020

Plan according to district


When anyone whom Konan Ward community-based welfare health planning aims at realizes community which can send satisfying life in area that lived so long, it is necessary to have you participate in more inhabitants as leading figure of plan realization.
To that end, it devises plan according to district, and it shares problem in life such as the welfare, health in more imminent area, and it is effective to make structure utilizing human resources for the solution and various local actions.
In Konan Ward, we make plan according to district for each 15 districts of the alliance Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, district Council of Social Welfare. For realization of plan, we perform approach in each district.

Plan (together with 15 districts) according to district in Konan Ward (third plan 28, Heisei - 2020)

Kamiooka district (PDF: 802KB)
Okubo most door district (PDF: 6,123KB)
Bamboo grass groundwork ward (PDF: 1,727KB)
Kusaka district (PDF: 1,403KB)
Hino district (PDF: 727KB)
The best district (PDF: 1,883KB) in Hino
Konandai district (PDF: 3,831KB)
Nagano district (PDF: 1,982KB)
Noba housing complex district (PDF: 2,568KB)
Noba residential quarter (PDF: 1,303KB)
Shimonagaya district (PDF: 892KB)
Nagatani district (PDF: 4,905KB)
Serigaya district (PDF: 4,284KB)
higiri district (PDF: 1,136KB)
Hinominami district (PDF: 918KB)

Plan map according to district

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