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Last update date September 29, 2020

Konan Ward sunflower disaster prevention tour

Enjoy! Learn! Experience!

It is actually summer vacation disaster prevention bus tour that adult enjoys child about disaster prevention while experiencing and learns!
※Sunflower disaster prevention tour this year was finished.


It is disaster prevention enlightenment event having you participate toward the person with a disability.
※sumairingufea this year was finished.

Assistance, the furtherance

Disaster prevention organization activity costs subsidy of town

Please see this about applications in disaster prevention organization activity costs subsidy of town.

Other assistance, furtherance

We perform measures such as prevention of fall of furniture in city.

Recruitment of disaster prevention license leaders

In Yokohama-shi, we fix 459 places including imminent elementary and junior high school for evacuation shelter and place as place of life as an evacuee of inhabitants whom we suffered from and base of help, relief activities by inhabitants. As core human resources taking establishment, administration of this evacuation shelter, we call for "life equipments handling leader" and "help equipments handling leader".
※Please see link about the details.

Public information Yokohama (disaster prevention feature)

With public information Yokohama September issue, we publish article of disaster prevention as disaster prevention feature.

Please see each linked September issue.

Disaster prevention cards

We are doing rental of "disaster prevention cards" to be able to study under disaster prevention happily more than generation. Do you not think about disaster prevention in wide generations using disaster prevention cards to local events as well as disaster drill happily?

With disaster prevention cards…

When disaster prevention cards talk about disaster prevention (danger, damage, measures) about title listed in card in a certain timing on the basis of normal cards rule, rule to be able to get advantageous bonus in pushing forward game is added.

Figure of image of disaster prevention cards rule
Rule of disaster prevention cards

"The Earthquake Early Warning was announced", and contents which we can share both children and adults including "we met with dangerous living thing" are listed in title. As well as title to be connected directly with disaster prevention, there are anti-crime program and neighborly relations, various types of titles including physical condition management and local connection is made by talking in group and can make use.

Five disaster prevention of Konan Ward

  Let's talk about!  What would you do to contact of family?
  Let's possess!  Even at least for food, drinking water 3rd
  Let's protect the body from suffocation!  Prevention of fall of furniture and earthquake-resistant measures
  At the time of evacuation!  Running out of main cock of electricity, gas
  It is earthquake!  In the neighborhood for voice, at first, "say evacuation sites"
  Without forgetting restroom pack!

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