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Disaster prevention map hazard map

Last update date October 9, 2020

Konan Ward disaster prevention map

Disaster prevention base and evacuation area in ward

◆About disaster water station

We can look for water station here at disaster close to your home at the time of earthquake disaster.

Konan Ward hazard map (the earth and sand disaster, flood, inland waters)

We can confirm areas with fear of outbreak of the inundation with the earth and sand disaster and flood, inland waters in hazard map.

The earth and sand disaster hazard map

Flood hazard map

Inland waters hazard map

About area targeted for advice immediately

What is area targeted for advice immediately?

We extracted cliff place which might give remarkable damage to house when landslide generated typhoon No.18 of October, 2014 for lesson in Yokohama-shi beforehand and decided to announce "evacuation warning" (we say "immediate advice" as follows) with announcement of "landslide alert information" for the neighboring areas.
For more details, please refer to page (there is mention in the lower part of linked page) of the following City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau Crisis-Management Division.

About area targeted for advice immediately in Konan Ward

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Konan Ward General Affairs Department General Affairs Division General Affairs Section crisis management, local disaster prevention charge

Telephone: 045-847-8315

Telephone: 045-847-8315

Fax: 045-841-7030

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