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Last update date June 18, 2020

Local guide support

In cooperation with Kohoku volunteer guide, we carry out plan course, guided tour to have you know local charm (folk cultural assets, city park including cultural assets, festival) widely.

2020 Kohoku volunteer guide plan course << Kohoku Ward trust business >> - course is cancellation. ...
Listen my town Kohoku ... to want to know more, and see, and is discovery on foot! ...

We hold continuation course to learn happily including history of Kohoku.
※From point of view preventing expansion of new coronavirus infection, we postpone or may cancel. For details, please contact Regional Promotion Division course person in charge (045-540-2246).

  • The schedule first: Thursday, May 14, the second: Wednesday, June 10, the third: Monday, July 13, the fourth: Wednesday, September 9, the fifth: Wednesday, October 7
  • 50 offer number of people (in the case of a lot of applicants, it becomes lottery.)
  • Entrance fee 1,500 yen (material charges, premium)
  • It must arrive by Thursday, April 30 in the deadline
  • ApplicationThis (the outside site)We can do it even from this.
  • Plan course flyer (PDF: 216KB)
2020 Kohoku volunteer guided tour planned list  
ScheduleTour contentsOffer

Wednesday, April 8

[cancellation] Over "former Kozukue territory Kannon hallowed ground" (about 7.5km)
Course summary: Kozukue Station ⇒ Izumitani temple (the label place first) ⇒ Sugiyama Shrine ⇒ senshoji (the fourth) ⇒ chodoji ⇒ general Jizo shrine ⇒ Saishoji (the third) ⇒ Toriyama Hachiman shrine ⇒ three society temple (the second) ⇒ Kozukue Station


Friday, May 1

[cancellation] "Kanagawa accommodation and Taro Urashima legend of the late Tokugawa period" (about 3.5km)
Course summary: Oido ⇒ kiyome*ji ⇒ honorific title of a Japanese god Yamashiro trace ⇒ shu﨑daishin ⇒ *monji ⇒ jinkoji ⇒ Honkaku-ji Temple (the seventh) of House of Keikyu Higashi-Kanagawa Station ⇒ gold storehouse ⇒ Kumano Shrine ⇒ placard spot trace ⇒ entering Nirvana temple ⇒ keiunji (the ninth) ⇒ Daiba, Kanagawa trace ⇒ Honjin trace ⇒ sect interest temple (the eighth) ⇒ Kanagawa


Friday, May 29

[cancellation] From "-based success temple which became new to flower tree garden" (about 5km)
Course summary: Overlook Toyoko Line Myorenji Station ⇒ Matsumi; park ⇒ with Egawa murmuring city park ...-based success temple - inlet murmuring city park supporting river ⇒ riding ground Red Gate ⇒ Baba Kaboku-en Garden ⇒ Tsurumi distributing reservoir ⇒ *zoin ⇒ sound Bridge (arch bridge) ⇒ Terao community care plaza


Saturday, September 26

From "Okurayama to art walk Shin-Yokohama" (PDF: 730KB) (about 4.5km)
Course summary: Toyoko Line Okurayama Station ⇒ Okurayama memorial hall (meeting) ⇒ Okurayama Park Bairin ⇒ kannariin ⇒ Futoo Shrine ⇒ Futoo bank city park ⇒ (sculpture) ⇒ Futoo Park, Futoo South Park ⇒ Yokohama Arena ⇒ Shin-Yokohama station square park

Application form (the outside site)

Sunday, October 11To "walk over firing across hill" (about 2.5km)
Course summary: Municipal tail subway Blue Line Nippa Station ⇒ kiyomeryuji ⇒ young god of thunder company ⇒ **ji


Wednesday, November 11Around "trace back street of Nippa Nippa eight beauty spots" (about 6km)
Course summary: House of Kozukue Station ⇒ cloud pine ⇒ Toriyama Pond Park ⇒ Toriyama Hachiman shrine ⇒ sermons of Buddha in three sessions temple ⇒ Toriyamacho Park ⇒ Komaoka image of Kannon with a human body and a horse head ⇒ your cloud temple ⇒ Kishinekoen ⇒ prefectural Budokan ⇒ Shinohara Pond ⇒ Torin temple ⇒ Shin-Yokohama Station


Saturday, January 23

"We walk now and the bygone days of town of history Toriyama" (about 4.5km)
Course summary: Nakamachidai Station ⇒ murmuring park ⇒ sekireino way ⇒ Chigasaki Park ⇒ Ohara minemichi park ⇒ sasabunenomichi ⇒ Kuzugaya Park (shuffleboard coat) ⇒ Kamoike Park ⇒ Chigasakichuo Park ⇒ Center-Minami Station


Wednesday, February 24Over "achievement of war-torn country military commander seeing in Kozukue" (about 4.5km)
Course summary: House of Takada Station ⇒ interest temple belonging to the Zen sect ⇒ Konzoji ⇒ higashiteriji ⇒ Tsunashima Station - Nippa ⇒ Saihoji ⇒ Nippa - Shin-Yokohama ⇒ buddhi ⇒ hasushoji ⇒ Kikuna Pond Sarasvati ⇒ Myorenji Station
Saturday, March 27★"Takada walk from Hiyoshi for cherry blossoms" (about 6km)
Course summary: House of Takada Station ⇒ interest temple belonging to the Zen sect ⇒ Konzoji ⇒ higashiteriji ⇒ Tsunashima Station - Myorenji Station ⇒ Kikuna Pond Sarasvati ⇒ hasushoji ⇒ buddhi ⇒ Shin-Yokohama - Nippa Station ⇒ Saihoji ⇒ Nippa Station

※From point of view preventing expansion of new coronavirus infection, it may be called off.
 For details, please contact Regional Promotion Division guided tour person in charge (045-540-2246).

 [plan course, tour that we carried out in Heisei 31 (Raiwa 1)] (PDF: 4,124KB)
 Plan course, tour (the outside site) that we carried out in 2017-2018

Health promotion which begins with walking

We carry out business to publicize pleasure and charm of walking to inhabitants of a ward to promote health promotion triggered by walking.
Discovery on foot attractive <! You can see Kohoku Ward walking map. 【Link (the outside site) to walking map
[state of implementation (outside site) of 2018

Support to lifelong learning, social movement

We accept reporting and consultation about learning, social movement of various fields to support learning activity of inhabitants in Kohoku Ward.
You can look at each detail from the following link.

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