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About Kohoku Ward noninshin, child care

For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, various business suspends and cause inhabitants of a ward trouble. As you made video about contents with many inquiries in Kohoku Ward in particular, please make use. As this becomes for summary, please refer over telephone casually if there are question, consultation. We are going to publish sequentially from the end of April, 2020.

Last update date July 1, 2020

○Guidance (video) that you see maternity record book when we apply

 ○Guidance (video) that you see maternity record book when we apply

 The pregnancy registration form (PDF: 291KB)
 To where the pregnancy registration form was opened (questionnaire) (PDF: 409KB)

 (flow until mother and child health handbook grant application)
 ①You see video
 ②We download the above document.
 ③We have you fill in required items on documents.
 ④We have you confirm documents necessary for application.
  ⇒Please apply.

◇Arrive during the pregnancy

○About bathing

 ①Bathing preparations (video)

 ②Bathing practice (video)

○Let's get ready to greet baby

 ・About life with baby (video)

* Guidance from area child care support base

you tube formula channel (the outside site) of "local child care support base doroppu, doroppu satellite"
It is you tube formula channel of "local child care support base doroppu, doroppu satellite" of Kohoku Ward.
We publish videos such as daddy predominating, and being able to do it from all over the pregnancy or area information that can go out in families to greet baby.

◇If baby is born

○About baby food

 ・The first baby food (baby edition of 5-6 months after birth) (video)

  This becomes for summary of contents showing by medical examination for four months.
・Advice ... of baby food notebook - baby food
We introduce process of baby food from start of weaning to completion.
5-6 months (the early period of weaning) 7-8 months (the weaning middle)
9-11 months (last part of weaning) 12-18 months (the weaning completion period)
Besides, baby food notebook informs about downloading and meal consultation of child, too.
Please inflect.

◇Thing about child care

Child care supporter venue of Kohoku Ward, the resumption stop situation of baby society
For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, various business suspends and cause inhabitants of a ward trouble. We will reopen in some venues about "child care supporter venue" held in local facility from the third week (from June 16) in June. In addition, about "baby society" (0 years old child area childcare classroom), we will stop in June.
As resumption time and point to keep in mind on using may vary according to venues, please participate after confirmation by all means.

◇First nursery school, kindergarten

First nursery school, kindergarten
We wore with video about nursery school, basic thing and use application of kindergarten.
Please confirm by all means.

◇Child care one point advice

◇ji, others (news from related organizations) about child care

* We provide from daddoei (we conclude cooperation agreement about child care support in ward in September, 2019)
 "Room of sorubii (※) play" (the outside site) (original brand of ※ daddoei) 
   We can download coloring and aspect to be able to make at home and are delivering video (the outside site) of "carp streamer Kosaku" now.

* JAPAN PEDIATRIC SOCIETY (the outside site)
To protector, the education-affiliated "public" (the outside site)
 Living environment of child comes by new coronavirus infection spread unlike usual times.
Of verge letting you do caretaker only in summary, children of information to raise relief, security of child
 We settle safety measures.
* National growth medical care research center (the outside site)
About stress of new coronavirus and child (the outside site)
By expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease, children have much stress. Family is so, too.
We gather up what kind of reaction comes out to children by stress what kind of distance adult should take how facing children.
* House play support site (sports agency) of child (the outside site)
We introduce site introducing sports and exercise to be able to perform happily at home.
* Let's spend time in STAY HOME house (Yokohama-shi)
We settled video and page to spend time happily in house concerned.

◇Child support site that is entering school

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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Telephone: 045-540-2340

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