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Yokohama nersery room

Last update date March 22, 2019

With Yokohama nersery room

It is not nursery school (the authorization nursery school) establishing in the Child Welfare Law, but we meet standard (childcare charges, childcare environment, childcare time) that Yokohama-shi made originally, and city authorizes and is the authorization outside child-care facility supporting budget.
※The furtherance object of Yokohama-shi is children living in Yokohama-shi under 3.

Person whom Yokohama nersery room is available to

Like the authorization nursery school, we accept child whom protector cannot raise at home at the daytime (but 0.1.2 year old child is the center.).
※As there is facility accepting children 3 years or older, please refer to each facility or Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

About childcare charges

  • Each facility sets originally. But 58,100 yen is the upper limit.
  • When child entering the authorization nursery school or Yokohama nersery room comes more than two people, we can receive reduction of taxes of childcare charges.
  • There is system to reduce childcare charges up to 50,000 yen about child at under 3 years old time of household where is lower than constant income. For more details, please see the following.
  • Information for Yokohama nersery room[Child and Youth Bureau]

Yokohama nersery room in Kohoku Ward


With each facility become contract directly. You confirm childcare charges or childcare contents well, and apply for facility directly.

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