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Kikuna nursery school

Last update date July 31, 2020

Welcome to Kikuna nursery school

From Toukyu Toyoko Line, Kikuna Station a 15-minute walk. It is in good place of view of hill of Kikuna.
Trees and lawns such as cherry blossoms and plum, persimmon, kumquat grow thick in large garden and are environment that next, there is Sakurayama park, and is full of nature.
We have old man center in the same building and local people watch warmly and spend at ease.

Aim of garden

Childcare target

Child who can play at ease well
 *Child who can play with will
 *Child that both heart and body are fine
 *Child whom both oneself and friend take good care of

Childcare posture

  • We catch a plain child and help heart and physical growth
  • We make environment where child wants to play and bring up feeling that is going to do anything
  • We fix safe environment and consider to be able to live stable life pleasantly
  • We regard connection with home and area as important and do child care together

Summary of garden

The facility location

3-10-20, Kikuna, Kouhoku-ku
Phone number 045-433-1259
FAX: 045-433-1261

Facility information

Facility area: 485.52㎡
Plottage: 869㎡


The number of Kikuna nursery school capacity
Class 0 years old child 1 year old child 2 years old child 3 years old child 4-5 years old child The total
Capacity None 12 people 15 people 17 people 34 people 78 people

Open time

Weekday From 7:00 to 19:00
On Saturday: From 7:30 to 18:30
Closed days: National holiday and holiday, the year-end and New Year holiday (from December 29 to January 3)



Nursery school introduction

Day of nursery school

State of nursery school

We do introduction of local child care support working on in Kikuna nursery school.
Please come to play.
Local child care support

Job Opportunities

In Kikuna nursery school, it recruits the staff working together.
For more details, please see the following pages.
Registration methods are this

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Inquiry to this page

Kohoku Ward Children and Families Support Division Kikuna nursery school

Telephone: 045-433-1259

Telephone: 045-433-1259

Fax: 045-433-1261

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