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Local child care support projects such as the authorization nursery schools in Kohoku Ward

Last update date April 3, 2020

In the authorization nursery school in Kohoku Ward, area interchange such as holding of child-care consultation service, childcare course that we intended for toward the area or garden opening, interchange childcare works. Please participate.

★Child-care consultation service
We can observe consultation and nursery school about childcare

★Garden opening
We can play in garden of nursery school. As for the child, as for the protector, ring of friend surely gets wide.

★Interchange childcare
We play with all of nursery school including participation of various events of nursery school and rhythm play.

★Childcare course, food education relations
It is course about course and baby food and baby/infant food such as lecture and the making of toy, parent and child play about childcare.

Information for municipal nursery school area child care support project

Local child care support project program for the year (PDF: 244KB) of 2020 Kohoku Ward public nursery school (as of April, 2020)

Contact information of each municipal nursery school
Kohoku nursery school2-20-19, Nakatehara, Kouhoku-ku telephone: 045-421-8589 FAX: 045-421-8582
Ozone nursery school2-5-1, Osone, Kouhoku-ku telephone: 045-531-0034 FAX: 045-531-0125
The south Hiyoshi nursery school4-10-52, Hiyoshihoncho, Kouhoku-ku telephone: 045-561-6560 FAX: 045-561-6604
Kikuna nursery school3-10-20, Kikuna, Kouhoku-ku telephone: 045-433-1259 FAX: 045-433-1261
Futoo nursery school4-24-7, Okurayama, Kouhoku-ku telephone: 045-542-0852 FAX: 045-542-0856

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