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To person who wish to use nursery schools in April, 2021

Last update date January 27, 2021

We distribute usage guidances such as nursery schools from October 12 in 2021.
We can download from the lower part of this page.
※Nursery schools…It is facility, business such as the authorization nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (use of childcare), homey childcare business, small childcare business, childcare business in company (local frame).

About new garden information update of April, 2021 establishment plan

We updated information about the second application reception desk minute of establishment planned new garden in April, 2021.
As for the details, please see "list of open facilities of "usage guidance and insertion material" new in April, 2021".

To person made the use application (primary application) in the nursery schools from April, 2021 (news)

(1) About notice of application use adjustment result primary in April, 2021

We sent out on Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

When notice of use adjustment result does not arrive

We answer inquiry over telephone in ward office Children and Families Support Division of house ino ward after Friday, January 29.
Please note that you cannot answer before that.

(2) To person who became reservation as a result of primary use adjustment

Application of person who became reservation as a result of primary use adjustment in April, 2021 is effective for (until March, 2022 use start minute) during 2021.
When you wish to use nursery schools after the second use adjustment sequentially, it is not necessary to have you apply some other time.

But and job and the domestic situation that want to gain desired facility, business from the second use adjustment are necessary for procedure of change when there is item for modification after application of the primary use adjustment including different.

In addition, submission of the use application withdrawal application is necessary for (all garden withdrawals) when we withdraw use application itself.

Deadline for desired garden change, additional submission of documents

It must arrive by Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Deadline for submission of the use application withdrawal

It must arrive by Monday, February 22, 2021

Space frame of the second use adjustment

Please see "the use adjustment space frame of "downloading of 2021 use application documents" second in 2021 in April such as nursery schools".

About application second in April, 2021

(1) The use application schedule second in April, 2021

We distribute styles such as usage guidance, payment authorization application in 2021

Distribution place: Ward office, Shin-Yokohama Station, Hiyoshi Station service counter in the city hall, local child care support base doroppu, doroppu satellite, downloading

※Style varies according to the year. Person applied for of 2021, please use way for 2021 by all means.
※Where the use application of February, 2021 and March is done has you confirm "to which wish to use nursery schools in ☆ 2020", and please use style for 2020.

※Open time of service counter in the city hall
Weekdays (until Monday through Friday): From 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Lounge day: Holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday, national holiday, New Year holidays (from December 29 to next year January 3) of national holiday and national holiday

Application for application period second in April, 2021

It must arrive by the deadline on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 from Monday, January 4, 2021
※It comes to have to arrive by Wednesday, February 10 about correction of more imperfect documents of lack documents.
※We handle documents which it is past the deadline and accepted for the use start application after May, 2021.
※As for space frame of the second use adjustment, please see "the use adjustment space frame of "downloading of 2021 use application documents" second in 2021 in April such as nursery schools".

It is notice shipment day as a result of application second in April, 2021

We are going to send out in the beginning of March, 2021

(2) Basic date (the second application) on using from April 1, 2021

Sunday, January 31, 2021
※Basic date…It is point to judge the working situation of protector in the use adjustment of nursery schools

(3) Application method, submission

Application documents reception desk

Kohoku Ward government office Children and Families Support Division childcare charge (14-1)

Application method

Window application or postal application
Mailing address: 〒 222-0032 26-1, Mamedocho, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama-shi Kohoku Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division childcare charge
※As receptionist after the second application is not the City of Yokohama, Child and Youth Bureau authorization, use adjustment desk work center, please be careful in April.
※Application method of suburbs where, child applying for nursery schools are defective, please identify the following.

Application such as the authorization nursery schools of the suburbs

・In desired former municipality, please confirm closing date or required documents by yourself.
・Application submission of documents is Children and Families Support Division window of house ino ward (we do not accept application by mail).
・Please submit documents with margin approximately two weeks before closing date.

Application of child needing special support

When you wish to apply next time on April 2, 2021 of impaired child, child needing special support and medical consideration, come to Kohoku Ward Children and Families Support Division childcare counter in charge (14-1) by all means beforehand as procedure is necessary.
In addition, we hope that we go to facility which you wish to use for visit with child by all means.

General inquiry

<dial for exclusive use of child, child care support system>
Form of documents, general inquiry, please call here.
Telephone  :045-664-2607
FAX  :045-840-1132
Establishment period :Until Tuesday, January 26, 2021
      ※But it is excluded on Sunday, January 3, 2021 from Tuesday, December 29, 2020
Establishment time :From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. (include on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Downloading of 2021 use application style

Usage guidance and insertion material

You are for Yokohama-shi version, Kohoku Ward (★ mark), and, before application, please confirm both usage guidances by all means.
In addition, you put insertion materials (☆ mark) together, and please confirm.

City version
Usage guidances (PDF: 4,438KB) such as 2021 Yokohama-shi nursery schoolsIt is usage guidance of Yokohama-shi version.
Ward version
Usage guidances (PDF: 1,878KB) such as 2021 nursery schools for Kohoku WardIt is usage guidance for Kohoku Ward.
We provide equipment and map Kohoku Ward nursery schools (PDF: 1,967KB)
It is list of nursery schools in Kohoku Ward and map.
Important point (PDF: 594KB) that we want to seize first

We must see it!

List of open facilities new in April, 2021 (PDF: 514KB)

It is information of new establishment garden.
Map of new establishment garden is this (PDF: 1,183KB)

"Child-care facility information" of Kohoku Ward neighborhood (PDF: 596KB)

It is facility information except Kohoku Ward.

The use adjustment space frame (PDF: 177KB) second in 2021 in April such as nursery schools

⾒ is space frame of the crowded second use adjustment at present.
※We are going to update about space information of the second use adjustment on Friday, January 29 on the next time in April, 2021.

※Number with possibility of space information may be changed in future.
When the offer number of people becomes "0", selection may be carried out by rapid taienshato.
With or without space, apply for facility you like.

The number of people (PDF: 126KB) awaiting total of in 2021 in April such as nursery schools after the primary use adjustment

It is the number of people awaiting total of after the primary use adjustment.

Documents which are necessary for use of nursery school application

Style varies according to the year. Person applied for of 2021, please use way for 2021 by all means.

Person applied for of 2020 can download from page to "2020 nursery schools which you wish to use".

Documents which are necessary for use of nursery school application
Necessary documents



2021 submission documents confirmation vote (PDF: 714KB) [both sides]

The pivot

The pivotAll the members, please submit.
Self-addressed envelopeThe pivot

The April entrance application pivot
It is unnecessary after May entrance application

You put 94-yen stamp, and please fill in address (application protector full name, Address).
We use to send news after application from Yokohama-shi.

Payment authorization application and authorized contents confirmation vote (PDF: 1,091KB) [both sides]The pivotThe pivot

One piece is necessary for child alone.
In the case of brothers application, it is necessary for the number of people.
Entry example (PDF: 1,496KB)

The use application (business such as nursery schools) (PDF: 1,006KB)
[both sides]

The pivotThe pivot

One piece is necessary for child alone.
In the case of brothers application, it is necessary for the number of people.
When there is desired facility, business eight or more, you fill out attached sheet (reference style), and please submit.
Entry example (PDF: 1,039KB)

My number entry paper (PDF: 497KB)The pivotThe pivotEntry example (PDF: 654KB)
My number identity verification documents pasting mount (for mail application) (PDF: 689KB)The pivotUnnecessaryIn the case of mail, it is essential
Time schedule (PDF: 518KB)Applicable person is the pivotApplicable person is the pivot

Please submit next.
1.Care, nursing (we list to know the time that care, nursing takes)
2.Working point is plural
3.Irregularity duty (when we can submit shift table omissible)
4.Attending school (when we cannot submit class schedule table out of necessity)
5.Person who cannot prove the situation to need other childcare with materials
Entry example (PDF: 792KB)

Documents which prove that we need childcareThe pivotThe pivotThe details, please identify lower <documents proving that childcare is necessary>.
Identity verification documentsThe pivotThe pivot

Please submit identity verification documents only to share of applying payment authorization protector.
1, 2 both are necessary. The details, please identify Yokohama-shi version usage guidance P18.
1.Number confirmation documents
2.Identification documents

Documents which prove that childcare is necessary
The situation that needs childcareRequired documentsEntry example, remarks

・Person (including case of informal appointment) who is employed
・Self-employed person
※Working 64 hours a month or more

・2021 working (plan) certificate (Portable Document Format) (PDF: 1,210KB)
・2021 working (plan) certificate (Excel format) (Excel: 596KB)

・Entry example of employed person (PDF: 1,860KB)
・Entry example of self-employed person (PDF: 1,353KB)
・Entry example of person during parental leave (PDF: 1,383KB)
・Entry example of person returned to by parental leave (PDF: 1,433KB)
★Instructions (PDF: 314KB) at the time of working certificate entry

Protector at the time of disease, injuryMedical certificateThe situation that had difficulty in childcare, sickness and wound name, period were listed
When protector is defectiveCopy of disability certificate

・Copy of part which certificate of the physically disabled ... handbook registration number, the person column, obstacle name, grant history can identify
・Copy of part which notebook (nursing notebook) of love, mind person with a disability health welfare notebook ... handbook registration number, the person column can identify

When we care for sick person and person requiring nursing care

・Copying such as disability certificates of sick person receiving medical certificate or care
Time schedule (PDF: 518KB)

・We know illness name, period and need of nursing care state of sick person
・Time schedule to be found to engage in care

When we work as attendant of tsusho (attending school)

・Going to kindergarten, attending school certificate
Time schedule (PDF: 518KB)

・Certificate to issue of tsusho (attending school) point
・Time schedule of attendant

When protector goes to school

・Student registration certificate
・Material which class schedule understands

When cannot submit class schedule out of necessity; time schedule
When preparations for childbirth and rest after childbirth are necessaryCopy of mother and child health handbookCopy of part which parturient (childbirth) due date can identify as cover

When you apply at the brothers same time, please attach copy to big child in the original to the youngest child each.

Documents which are necessary by the situation of application elementary school student and household
Required documentsEntry example, remarks
Written oath about nursery staff working and certificate (PDF: 272KB)

When we engage in childcare duties by the authorization nursery school in the city, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, Yokohama nersery room, the authorization baby/infant nursery school, small childcare business, homey childcare business, childcare business in office or protector holding nursery staff qualification is designated unofficially, we need submission.
※Way includes working entry column. Please submit after having received proof of working.
※In addition, submission of working certificate is necessary, too.

Being on the register roll, graduation certificate (PDF: 63KB)

When application elementary school student uses Yokohama nersery room, Kawasaki authorization nursery school and when you use case and payment child-care facilities such as nursery school, kindergarten out of the authorization which you graduated from, please submit.
※Documents proving copy, graduation of proof documents such as living-in-garden certificate or contract do not need to be designated styles (thing understanding contract contents such as the use time, the use frequency, term of a contract, fee).
Entry example (PDF: 84KB)

Certificates (PDF: 362KB) such as brothers child having many children reduction registration form and being on the register roll

When brothers (big child) use either such as Yokohama nersery room, special support school childish part, elementary school student development support and medical care type elementary school student development support, company-driven childcare business, submission is necessary.
※Please submit after the use of facility, business of little child was decided.
Guidance (PDF: 202KB) about submission

Overseas income report (PDF: 287KB) [both sides]
・Proof documents such as the amount of income or deduction in foreign countries

Person with overseas assignment period needs submission by the end of Heisei 31 (Raiwa 1).
When there is income in the country, you list the amount of income in report, and please submit proof documents.

When you apply at the brothers same time, please attach copy to big child in the original to the youngest child each.
We publish representative thing. At the same time, please confirm Yokohama-shi version usage guidance P16.

Style to submit to when payment authorization contents and desired facility, business, the situation of household include change
Required documentsRemarks

Authorized change application (PDF: 1,183KB)

When payment authorization contents have change, please submit.
Submission of documents may be necessary depending on contents for change separately.

The use application contents change registration form (PDF: 1,119KB) [both sides]

When you change facility, intention when you apply in business and desired order, brothers at the same time that you wish to use, please submit.
The use application withdrawal application (PDF: 1,119KB) [both sides]When you withdraw the use application, please submit.

The use cancellation application (PDF: 247KB)

When taien does facility, business using to decline facility, business that the use has already had decision (informal appointment) of, please submit.
※When you do informal appointment refusal, taien by the reason of moving to the Yokohama suburbs and childcare at home, please submit authorized cancellation application in total.
Authorized cancellation application (PDF: 254KB)When you cancel payment authorization, please submit.

Reinstatement certificate (PDF: 381KB)

When you return to work from parental leave in facility, business whom the use decides, the authorization nursery schools using, please submit for less than two weeks.
Authorized (change) decision notification application for re-issue book (PDF: 549KB)When re-grant of notice of payment authorized decision is necessary, please submit.
Reservation proof application (PDF: 222KB)

When proof to be found to be reservation sequentially is necessary, in the use application of 2021, please apply.
We will accept application as a result of monthly entrance after the removal of a ban day. Please confirm over telephone by all means on the result removal of a ban day.

About correspondence such as nursery schools affecting new coronavirus infectious disease measures

About correspondence when the working results decrease about new coronavirus infectious disease
Please confirm (Yokohama-shi HP) about correspondence such as nursery schools affecting new coronavirus infectious disease measures.
In addition, the handling may change by turns of events in future.

About seal such as working certificates

We make seal column for working certificates to secure what employer (business owner) made, but do not need seal when there is thing as follows becoming substitute of seal.
・When when protector applies, we attach email screens when we send working certificates from employer to protector. nado
●About the items mentioned such as working certificates, we may confirm to employer (business owner).
●When there are forgery, manipulation of submission documents, we may cancel payment authorization and the use (including informal appointment of the use).

About inquiry

When it is made inquiry by E-mail, we may have time until answer.
Person of dispatch will reply that we will specify full name, Phone number over telephone.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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