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It is transfer in moving ward in Kohoku Ward

Last update date September 21, 2018

That school district does not trade after the moving

Procedure school-affiliated at Kohoku Ward government office is not necessary. If moving is over, you move to immediately at Kohoku Ward the second floor of the government office 21st window, and please report.

That school district trades after the moving

(1)We report that we change school to school going to school and receive "student registration certificate " "book salary certificate for subject" from school on the last school attendance day.
(2)You move to immediately at Kohoku Ward government office, and, after the moving, please report. (please bring student registration certificate by all means on this occasion.)
(3)We will issue entrance to school notification from ward office.
(4)We bring book salary certificate, entrance to school notification for student registration certificate , subject in entrance to school designated school and file for entrance to school.

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